Practical Materialism

fixing the bed,
making it soft.
deleting batches of emails,
joyous with
less electronic clutter –

time off from internet,
browsing, Click “erase”

deleting old contacts,
acknowledging time and space
and re-imaging relationships

washing the dishes
with love

this is the stuff of poetry!

you want more passion?
how about: find it in clarity?

moving energy on out
picking it up
for a moment,
and then, waving goodbye.

curtain draws

resuse, recycle, renew

the plants don’t wait for their
water, they make use of what they

tonight is a new night
yesterday was a different story

review, renew, receive.

Happy New Year of the Pig!
Venus transits Capricorn

17 thoughts on “Practical Materialism

  1. Such wisdom here and so beautifully said my friend! Indeed life is rich when the simple mundane tasks too feel like moments of purity and love. Boredom and resistance are signs of feeling disconnected from this life force. It is important to ‘review, renew, receive.’ like you say πŸ™‚

  2. Clearing, cleansing, de-cluttering and living without the internet to be recommended for sure. FInding JOY in the simple things, and gratitude in our abilities. Loved reading this, It was like its own breath of fresh air..
    When the weight is cleared, and we see we no longer have to carry the burden of anything other than the joy of love.. ❀

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