Do angels?

do angels really hold up the world
or is it built on Science

and the zillions of moments of
quantum observations

that build these intricate
network systems, and

when you observe this in nature
in its complete perfection

not one human can emulate
the symphonies of color in a field
of wildflowers,

nor compose all the universes that
we mathematically deduce the vector
of, as we move through space,


there’s no stopping us.
we are angels,
and angels are we,

and still there are more angels

And, yes, there is Science,
and it’s wonderful.

12 thoughts on “Do angels?

  1. Lovely Ka.. When Science and Spirit come together in the world of Quantum, its an amazing journey to witness the Miraculous Beings we really are, yet we have forgotten the very nature of our Super-humanness. . May we continue to discover we all have our invisible wings, all we need do is believe we can fly and we will šŸ™‚

    Love and Blessings dear Ka.. Loved catching up with your posts this morning.. Sending Mega Hugs your way ā¤ ā¤

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