pastry donut, uniqueness

I am filled with a million thankyous
and while that number is imprecise

I am leaking wishes for everyone of
you who touch me every day

with your focus and dedication
Your talent, your trust

Life is unbreakable while it is
fragile and the thankyous are squishy

awarenesses, that are part of an

experimental soundtrack, traveling towards
everybody’s Heaven as one.

What I do today I will not do tomorrow
but something different and something new

For I have found a way to encounter
unexpected happiness after turning troubling

And I’ve decided that I don’t need any talent to continue, all I need is the blessings of another day, with all its lack of permission. I’ll take the breath! I will make my own way, without a direct line,

instead I will carve out my path, one line at a time, and wait for no celebration to greet me but the one that naturally arises,

when I realize that I’m breathing deeper than I ever have before;

so something’s working well enough,

for me, to continue getting lost in love.

:: bows::

14 thoughts on “pastry donut, uniqueness

      1. So true! And being in the moment is the essential presence that we experience as real within our entire organism and beyond. Thank you for being inspired to write this here today, now. Much love and so many blessings right back to you my dear friend!

  1. So many gem of thoughts and truths strewn so beautifully in your post, and also so rich with gratitude and appreciating of how it is! I love how you receive the gift of another day and own your role in it.

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