Building relationships while depressed or struggling

In the blog world, there are a number of mental health/ other health blogs. I am always touched when a number of people visit my blog, and then I go to their blog to reciprocate their kindness for liking one of my poems, and I see an individual or group of individuals who are pushing through their emotional challenges, and being a ‘presence’ online so that others have the awareness that they are not alone. Some people visit as teachers or those who would like to offer services, build their business outreach and exposure, but many like to visit to just say “hello” and “touch base” with a “like” or a kind comment.

So many of our relationships often can be built around sharing our inadequacies and our challenges, in ways that uplift one another. Likewise, many build support relationships where we can all celebrate the success of those in our network who we are attentive to, and who we contribute much our time and our interests, as we build relationships, as we surf our interests on the net during our day.

What I see is a sort of bottom line is the challenge that is met with blogging to put one’s internal experiences into words. Sometimes words however are not the best method for delivering information, and yet we all understand through words and build our basis in connecting. Though there are many authors who write to offer their creative talents and inspire others to use creativity as a solution to their busy, ready, and curious minds. Whatever the mission out there, there’s a huge diversity.

Depression can be a real challenge and a drag in the reciprocity department. The desire to give and to receive is human and innate. We all want, I believe, to use our lives to enrich the lives of others. At least that’s what I see, I see people wanting to enrich the lives of others as an innate, human need. In fact, I can’t think of a trait more “human” than the desire to relieve the suffering of others.

Please know that your efforts, your vision, your place in the world is valued and acknowledged. There will always be an audience for your message, even if your message shifts as your mood changes with time. Please know that you always have help, and there are always people willing to be part of your life.

Wishing you all, dear reader, a good day, and a good weekend, week ahead. May all your best dreams come true.

21 thoughts on “Building relationships while depressed or struggling

  1. Positive is neat. At 15 I wrote a song – first one I ever recorded (crap kit at the time) that begun, ‘The Universe Has Forgotten Me’. It had, maybe still does, but I don’t care now. Like I said, ‘Positive is neat’.You got it right ~ George

      1. Nothing much has changed since then. I like being doubtful; got used to it. It helps creativity, whereas ego – I believe – goes out of its way to kill it. Maybe that’s just me. Enjoy your day, a storm has just turned up here ~ George

      2. I hope it’s a delightful storm ⛈
        Be as doubtful as you’d like, is my opinion. Be however you want to be, what comes naturally. 15 was a very creative year for me, a different kind of creative than what I am currently experiencing, but I am reliving it many times over. Take Care ~ Ka thanks for connecting!

  2. I see people wanting to enrich the lives of others as an innate, human need – This and everything you say around this in your post is so true to me. This in itself serves my purpose of my being here – how authentically we bring wholeness to each other through our seeing and being seen. Your post brought me a beautiful reminder of that.

    1. Seeing and being seen is a bit of an intimate process that happens right out in the open for all of us to share! I love how you incorporate in your words how this process brings wholeness. It’s always great to connect in this way, Pragalbha! I feel so glad that we can both see this innate, human need, and that my words visited as a reminder in your heart. Your words often bring me to the same place of resonance.

  3. Similar to PD. I agree that most of us want to enrich or help others. And the WP blogging community has been a great way for me to both give and receive much support. As you mentioned words have their limits, but online, words are a great way to communicate and connect. The depression question is interesting for me. I’ve struggled with depression, and honor that others need to write and sort their way through it. And yet, I prefer to read and follow blogs that generally uplift with their words. Or maybe it’s how the information is shared, whether it feels more like whining or honest sharing and reflection on their life. This is a nice and thoughtful post Ka.

    1. Thank you Brad, I wanted to come from a place of openness and acknowledgement of the different experiences and expressions of visitors and people who touch me along the way. How transient depression hits so many of us. I can appreciate the many different reasons that people blog, as I often feel very centered in a place of our oneness and how difficult it often is to still use words (for me) and while I am continuously drawn to sharing them as well. I honor all who need to write about their depression and who want to be a light in the world for others, as they express themselves so vulnerably. I think most of us are allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in the presence of others, even in our positivity, and in many ways it may not all appear as obvious and apparent, regardless of the mood that is the carrier for the shares, we are opening up from hidden places, and revealing something new from our uniqueness. I am also reminded of the quote, “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” I think that appearances, even in language use, can still limit us from being aware of and compassionate to those vulnerabilities and our inability to understand language can sometimes become the main place of growing new internal connections.
      Thank you for reading!

  4. Recently I realized I have a lot of acquaintances but fewer close friends ~ It takes a lot to let someone in after being taken advantage of… Great topic on building relationships, Ka xo

    1. Thank you, Christy 🙂
      I think the balance of our close friendships change throughout life, and I can understand it taking a lot to let someone in after being taken advantage of. I appreciate your reading my thoughts here, and thank you for your connecting here, too. Hugs, Ka

  5. humans wanting to help
    seems so human, eh, Ka?
    wish it were more natural
    for myself & others
    to ask for & get
    the help we need, first!
    physician, heal thyself 🙂

    1. Yes I remember for a long time “physician, heal thyself” was my mantra before embarking on my path. So fortunate are we to have people who wanting to help. I think it’s natural to want to give and receive help. Best blessing dear friend 🙂

  6. Thanks for this post, beautiful Ka! We are so lucky to have each other. I look back to times in my life before I allowed my creativity to express through words and art, and I wonder how I made it through those times without the love and support I have found here.

    Know that you always inspire…and always extend love to all you touch…it is noticed, and it is beautiful!

    Sending you so much wonderful energy. I am grateful for our connection ❤

    1. Your words mean a lot to me, Lorrie. I know how much love come directly from your heart. I Thank you so much! 💗

      I was always creating as a child, at least in terms of art class. It was the place where I felt the most “me.” Creating and expressing in a space where there’s a lot of sharing going on, however, such as through the structure of a blog is not something we had as teenagers – though, that would have been awesome. So I frequented coffee shops and scribbled in my journals and shared with friends at late night diners. The synergy, the encouragement here online is incredible. I was lacking that kind of interaction on many levels in my personal history. Or maybe it’s just that my art never got very far and I’d had hoped it did because I decided not to pursue art school or take up writing education. Touching people has become more important to me than even expressing from my own place – but in all ways there’s a delicious desire for balance and balancing, “self” and “other/s.” We get such a great opportunity to dance this dance.

      So too am I very grateful 🙂💗 for our easy connection and understanding for one another. Receiving and returning your wonderful energy ⭐️

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