Veil Removal time: the hidden reality – Speculative (Flash) Fiction

She looked up at the stars and wondered how they were so luminous and defined while the slicing light of the eclipse pierced above the horizon, setting the landscape with a gnarly blue glow. She had never seen anything like this before, and none of her ephemerides indicated that this could be happening now, or was forecasted to happen.

A lonely, confused boy with heavy ears faced her now, and all she could see was his silhouette. Why wasn’t he looking towards the light, she thought? She felt closed-in-on as a narrowed corridor of light indicated her only direction was forward, or behind.  So much context was missing suddenly that she felt like she was living in a vignette within a vignette inside of someone else’s story. Someone who lived on another planet. But this was her planet. The light was triggering something unique in her skin, a sensation she hadn’t experienced before.

The eclipse glowed and almost hummed against her cheeks at first, but then the vibrations managed to work through her skin’s surface. Each atom was now interacting by the apparent fusion of the blotted sun with the black of moon. Her flesh radiated with the hue of blue-tinted infrared, the heat on her skin transforming all the tiny hairs on her arms as she felt herself fall away, merging into the dust that she saw gathering all around her feet.

With what was left of her body, or her will, she ran and ran forward into the image of the child before her, who seemed so real in his blackened solidness. She could feel his density, his realness. She wanted to grab his hand, and run into the city with him, for she was bursting with a sense of a new body, and a new life, and she was ready to visit this new previously unseen city ahead that was veiled all along.

I wrote this piece as an experiment with fiction and using an image prompt, and being quick. I wanted very much to do something different from what I was doing, as I needed a change of pace. I’m not sure if this will be an example of my “change of pace,” but it was inspiring enough for me to give it a whirl. Thank you Diana Wallace Peach for this March Speculative Fiction Prompt.

26 thoughts on “Veil Removal time: the hidden reality – Speculative (Flash) Fiction

  1. That was absolutely a beautiful piece of writing Ka.. I have seen several stories around blogland on this picture, but I have to say yours spoke to me.. Maybe because at the back of my mind there was within your fictitious words an element of truth..
    For when the Solar ‘Flash’ hits, maybe there will be those whose lives are transformed, while others are but shadows, will not see the Light.. Those who will not be transported into a new reality. Who can say as truth and fiction merge… For is not our Ascension fiction to many?

    A truly wonderful write dear Ka..
    Much love to you my friend ❤

    1. Thank you. I appreciate your stopping by to read my story. I’m glad that it was thought provoking and brought thoughts and questions about what’s real and what’s not. I do not have the gift of prophecy, so I just write and enjoy writing, I don’t have an opinion about ascension or even what many channelers say it means. To me ascension and astrology are different, there’s definitely some sort of “process” at work, that I observe, but I don’t know what to call it. There’s a lot going on out on the internet with people sharing their guidance. We live in interesting times. Transformation is happening all the time. Sending you lots of positive thoughts through the all the days to come! Xo

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