Free from judgement

life is so precious
we only get so much time
here in this form,
to experience exactly as we
are, with no label on how we
react, what we feel, what we

how beautiful and precious is our
choice, our freedom, our whims,
our planning, our unique flames,

as we streak in the wind, in the eternal stream,
we offer our incandescent blur of precious steam

to the beam of consciousness ~

and it enters into us, unannounced

but completely recognizable

as peace, love, goodwill

25 thoughts on “Free from judgement

  1. I read your thoughts here Ka while listening to this beautiful music.. And yes how precious is the gift we have been given, and may that beam of consciousness enter all our lives, to transform us to a brighter place of existence..

    Much love and so loved your words.. ❀

    1. Thank you so much for adding your thoughts and appreciation! It’s so true. I will be taking time off and away while I greet this new amazing being in my life and get adjusted to my transformation. Such a pleasure to enjoy all these moments with you. All my best! Love Ka

  2. Loving the timeless voyage of this musical selection, Ka. So beautiful. I am imagining that for a few brief moments, we are hearing this together, and knowing this growing sweetness that can’t be described. But which we are…


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