The winds of change

the winds of change
have come again
and made me pure,

carved out my treasure,
opened my womb

I became a ritual
inside a ritual,

on a stage, that is set in another world

transforming this world.

in transcendance, the nesting


the nested

the total egg πŸ₯š unbroken, broke

And emerged the circle ⭕️

I speak of bliss
in the opening of this circle,
merging and joining

of the past,
present, and future

my life just created another life🌸!

ka Malana poetry c2019

18 thoughts on “The winds of change

  1. Congratulations on creating a new life! Welcome to the world, new soul! ❀
    I am so happy for you and yours! Blessings and love to mom and child.

    much love, Linda

    PS ( and sun on or near my IC to boot) πŸ˜€

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