Dance with your spouse in the kitchen

Because you can,

even if you don’t feel good —

The music comes on

And the hips sway,

And suddenly you both –

Own the world,

The scenery,

The stage,

The quiet.

The floor tiles,

The cabinets,

the spot-lighting

flexible frames

glide through

your home’s simple space.

The food’s right there,

You can dance all night

And dance all day —

Because you can.

The kitchen sink,

The food in the microwave,

waiting –

The perfect time to be

with your best friend. is.


13 thoughts on “Dance with your spouse in the kitchen

    1. Thank you, Brad! My desire would be to help with the spouse part. When I found mine, or mine came to me, or we met…. I was seeping into a new poetry in my heart. I’d like to think that I put myself at the intersection of Love Ave and Love St, and hung out there until I got what I wanted… and to keep myself company while I was there: I fell in love with myself a little (though that was only just the surface, or the beginning). The loving has to keep growing…, and it does. Here’s to simple joy, Brad!!! I’m glad that you know simple joy, as I see you express it so much!

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