On Data Mining

I appreciate Savvy’s way of writing here. I have long wanted to put this into words, but couldn’t somehow, and I’m glad because she did a great job! Yes, this “data-mining” concerns me, and so I will always be limited on what I share online for pragmatic reasons.

Savvy Raj

Every bit of your doing is visible
Your social media profile is in display
But so are your searches and history
Of sites visited and clicked
How about that?

We are living in a fast paced world
With too little concern for ethics
Every harmless search by you
For you or for another on the internet
Is a window of opportunity
For someone to make bucks.

Are you ready?
To let it go on
Dont you feel invaded?
Your privacy is your right!
What’s worse it’s up for sale!
Data mining is the culprit

I am no technology geek
But tech savvy enough
To realise the infringement
Of the online into my real world.

Tell me how you feel
Sharing your every action
Without your knowledge.
To know someone unknown
Has your likes and clicks down pat
And sells it to a third party for money
What are your thoughts…

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4 thoughts on “On Data Mining

  1. Butthere’s nothing much we can do about it , is there , except be very selective about what information we share. With so much of internet transactions, buying and selling online going on, which many find convenient, mishaps have to be seen as a possible collateral damage.

    1. Being very selective about what is shared is one way. I agree. The trouble is that the data is being linked with other data and it’s all stored, not all of it is nefarious, as cookies we have come to “accept” and have become almost a necessary part of web browsing. We can work towards bigger issues like Net neutrality so that internet industry powers do not conglomerate and assert more leverage over common users, but the future remains to be seen for how existing data captured now can remain extant beyond the laws that change regulating it, based on what is the current governing legislative powers. We can also protect our families, our children, by not posting on FB and media sites pictures and personal information.

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