Nourish your Soul

i woke up this morning
and saw my whole life
rise with the sun,

the flame burst over the hill
and all the land caught fire
with its golden gleam
made sunbeam

the light became a twinkle
in the center of a songbird’s
lively eye,

while crows perched and drew
their wings from the shadows
made from passing night

glowing orangely, a warmth
slowly saturated the
soil and made shapes
on the land

i drew up my mind and
forged a pen, found myself
as clay-like animated
raw material

born from spirit in this fleshy
business for a time
to be situationally present

i watched the clouds form and fade,
the critters stir
and scamper,
my soul laid content as
a non-layer, non-entity

a force without a face
the gaze of the sun as
if by the sight of the land
were to trace…

unlimited openness,

born from the fuel of grace,
born from the magick of fusion –
born from the spark of a new union.

***************** ******************

May you all feel the soul nourishment this Solar Eclipse

17 thoughts on “Nourish your Soul

  1. Dear Ka,
    Second post today devoted to self nourishment ( the other from non-astrologer blogette), I see a new theme emerging to love ourselves as if humanity requires it ( which it does.)

    love to you on the eve of the lunar fired eclipse ❀

  2. Ummmmm…
    I knew what we were in for from the first stanza!

    i woke up this morning
    and saw my whole life
    rise with the sun,

    What a beautiful life!
    Thank you incredible soul for always touching a place that is sacred…and meaningful.

  3. Wow what a magical creation through your words! I could indulge in the no-barrier Beingness as part of this Universe, soaked and nourished by the golden rays of pure divine energy.

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