Not a Romcom

Life is not a romcom.
More like a tragic humor show
while good sensibility meets
overtop frustration and
ultimately – the absurdity
everyone is
in the same boat, on the same
stage, not the same page –
doing improvisation

like they never were trained.

but they were, because that’s life

training you every day. (registered trademark!)

Life is “practice,” …all of it.

—>so it’s more like an absurdist
like an ironic,
silly show,

that can be tragic in all its ineptitude –
and cluelessness, and endless attempts to
dunk the basket in the wrong city for the wrong

Moments are deep, penetrative and connecting,
quite serious.

but, while in a romcom: People experience drama,

in this absurdist play,
it a bit more like trauma,

this era,
constant recovery from
constant growth.


9 thoughts on “Not a Romcom

  1. I loved this description of life and our existence. The polarities, the seeming contradictions and how we feel through our experiences with different perspectives – I love it how you bring out the absurdity within the tragedy, the insanity within the destiny, the perfection and imperfection of it all …

    1. Oh Pragalbha, life is like this fun assortment that can mismatch and be awkward and all sort of foolishness is involved! The HUMOR is my foundation sometimes… it’s how I see my way through it! I love how you read this and what you wrote in your comment. My very best wishes to you for the rest of the weekend, and week ahead! 🙂 Thank you my very much, my friend!

  2. Training you every day is a helpful perspective. Some days we train hard. And practice makes us better. Some lessons are about having a sense of humor (sometimes twisted) or figuring out how to get some quality rest. I wish you lots of those rest and humor days. You and me both.

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