This morning, I breathe.
i hear my belly flicker
like a candle.

like the one on my altar
illuminating all my work,
night and day

what’s manifesting in there?

knowing the universe will
deliver what’s inside.
knowing the universe is
like my input/output machine

where are my thoughts?

i’ve been germinating through
my seeds,
such an assortment,
seeing them spread out before me,
in a colorful array.

an arc,
like the sky’s gift on Christmas morning, presented a rainbow,
like the eclipse listened to me
and took a picture –
with its momentary wink,

ringing in the new decade
the next classy 20s act,
the best material is being
memorized by the cast

we are all character acting
and compelling. you believe us.
you believe in our dreams.

the best show is still in production
the sets were designed and constructed
this whole previous decade

and now the clock ticks on,
with each tick a new brilliant
thought, a dream, a breath…

tick tock….

the count, the flicker, the manifesting, the dreams.

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