Introducing The Vedic Astrology Cards!

I have never met a person in my life of knowing mystics, psychics, or spiritually focused/devoted peoples who is more industrious or productive than Julianne Victoria. I’m considering getting this deck – but I have a lot on my plate already! I don’t know how she does everything she does, but maybe some of her abilities and vibes are in the cards! In any event: take a look and appreciate them with me! Maybe you might be interested in her products!

via Introducing The Vedic Astrology Cards!

8 thoughts on “Introducing The Vedic Astrology Cards!

      1. me too! You guys have a lot in common and it is cool you are supporting her creative ventures. She is very sweet and very savvy at the same time! I gifted her a free Western reading early on at WP and I have one of her early journals that she created. I feel blessed to have met so many amazing bloggers with huge hearts in our little corner of WP, including you ❤

      2. Me too!! I feel so grateful for the community we have here in blogosphere and the relationships that we have built over time with the words we write on our blogs and to each other! I had purchased Julianne’s poetry book a few years ago, early on – maybe 2013 or 2014. Her faithful “likes” and her early award giving (when I participated in that) helped me feel linked into the bigger wave that was just gaining momentum. I knew I was part of it, but it helped to get that validation, making my presence in the fold even more real. Then I got to meet other wonderful bloggers like yourself, as we all collected, in a way. I love how we connected through our astrology —writing and astrology! And so much more! Have a wonderful day, Linda! Thanks for adding your loveliness to this post; it’s nice tying us all together, as we are. 🙂💗 And, I thank you muchly for your kind comments about me too💗 as you are ‘all that,’ as well 🙂

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