when you run out of color…

There was a time once when I wouldn’t share this. But I am, because it’s a thing to do. I promised myself I’d spend at least 10 min a week doing something with line and color, no matter how far away I am from being inspired to do so, and no matter how much I’m not good at it anymore. See Janet Weight Reed for inspiration.

There are many disciplines like this that I have been developing. I am also reading an Og Mandino book “The Greatest Salesman.” It’s a series of scrolls that each have to be read for 30 days. I am on scroll 1, day 2.

A patient of mine came in with the book last week, and I had the perfect book recommendation for him. This was the book the patient had just finished. He casually showed me. I immediately knew this book was on my “sign up” list.

This image looks less like a glass and more like one of those coil pots you make in kindergarten and then don’t know what to do with once your done, so you give it to your mom to cherish.

I immediately ran out of the light blue color. It’s an electrolyte drink (no sugar) very good-great for hydrating yourself. Electrolytes are so important for me. My blog is never to be used to diagnose or for any information about healthcare. It is only for entertainment purposes only.

8 thoughts on “when you run out of color…

  1. About that thought, “not good at it anymore.” Maybe it’s dormant, but it’s still there. I didn’t do much art when my kids were young, but every now and then, when they were taking a nap, and more as they got older, I’d dabble. Now, I’m an artist again. The muse waited patiently.

      1. I understand. I feel that way about art and singing. I could have…… But I believe I was meant to do other things. Now, I still enjoy singing and painting and have time. It’s funny though, I still need to work on self-discipline for the art.

      2. I definitely believe I am meant to do acupuncture and healing for others (as well as I have benefited myself and my family from this work). Yes— to singing 🎤—- I used to use software to compose music a while ago, now I play drums more and less my guitar (which you know I’m still very rusty and will remain so until I’m not?) 🙂🦋. Self discipline is 🔑 Key to everything —-8 I believe.

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