Before the paint even dries

This is….


A dragon? A mountain?

Who cares- it took less than two minutes?

I’m not daunted…

I will continue on.

These are washable kids paints. It’s taking more time to post this than it did to make it. These were my favorite colors when I was a child, but at some point the yellow dropped out as a favorite color. Today I honor that yellow that “dropped out.”

8 thoughts on “Before the paint even dries

    1. Thank you, JoAnna! I’m not sure why I loved the combo as a kid but then wanted to have them separate, and at times didn’t like yellow. Now I think I like to modulate more with some neutral tones, and some warm orange, 🍊 to go with my yellow and purple… so it’s not such a leap. Maybe it was because the yellow flavor of all the candies was almost always lemon 🍋. We as kids always avoided that flavor and preferred the red 🍒 flavors.

    1. I had won a lot of awards in early school for my art. Best artist award in 2nd grade, had a billboard of my art design at 16, won a monetary award, was gifted a scholarship to a governor’s regional art school at 16, one of two chosen in 10th grade. In college I had my photography up at the National Press Club… I wish… wouldn’t have lost my touch along the way. Maybe I even took it for granted. I didn’t end up going to school for art… but that’s on the list.

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