pilot light

takes a lot of energy
to maintain the light
under the hood

to keep the engine ready
for that moment it gets
more gas,


all might come and go so quickly
synching things up
is more of an exploration
in the tangled woodsy mix
of the dead and new leaves and
branches twisted
than a showcase for display
at an art venue where art
tries to be nature,
but is human-filtered,


in this gallery,
you can hunt and peck for
what you like–
please, find ‘something’
that you like.

does it sparkle?
or do you prefer the neglected?

we have both for sale!

17 thoughts on “pilot light

  1. The Sparkle’s I enjoy the most are the glitter of Frost on those faded leaves that have fallen to the floor..
    Art while the artist can be brilliant can never I think quite capture the magic of nature herself.. As she displays her wares for all to see ..
    I hope that the Light under the hood keeps burning Ka… Much love your way ❤

  2. There is much to like and love in this gallery and this poem. I love sparkles. If everything sparkled, they would not be as special, so the lack of sparkles is necessary, like darkness is needed to see the stars. Thanks for that reminder.

  3. You created a very special gallery. Suitable for eyes that can look beyond reality. Where you can choose what suits you to be different from ordinary people. Your poem is perfect to know where we are located in the world. Greetings.

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