loving habitat

Today I could not find my sketch pencils ✏️. I have a lot of organizing I need to do, but currently my schedule is at maximum. As I become more efficient, I will have a new maximum. Let me remember today. Also, I am including drawings from the year 2016 when I was making an effort to be more diligent with my drawing. I am working on a number of skills simultaneously…

I am truly only seeking within, with gratitude, with freedom, with awareness.

It’s true, I believe, when I say: I love you all 💗

11 thoughts on “loving habitat

  1. Glad to receive your love. It is a positive energy that I appreciate from the heart. Your sketches look great. Very professional .. I really liked it. Have a nice Sunday. Greetings.

  2. It was so cool for me to see this today, I’ve been getting back to sketching in preparation for some paintings I want to do. But the sketching by itself is fun and interesting. Enjoy!

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