Being me

I quickly left the house without any makeup on. I rarely wear it anyways these days, but I still think makeup is fun.

This morning I really wanted to get a peaceful walk in. We are having one of those perfect gray days where it’s nice and cool.

Leaving my Invisalign in the house and not having them on my teeth is a “no no” but my teeth have been shifting and straightening just fine when I do this. Early on I very closely adhered to having them in as close to 24/7, but today having this walk and writing a blog at the same time.

Normally I wouldn’t share a photo of myself, much less would I share a photo of myself like this, but I’m pretty sure that happiness is good enough for me. See the above picture is from the stone I saw immediately after leaving my house, giving me a most lovely message.

My 40th birthday is coming up soon, and I’m coming to terms with it, being reflective, purposeful, inspired.

‘Age’ messages have been coming up all over the place. I was listening to podcast with face reader Lillian Bridges and this one caught my eye. I want to do this earlier, I thought.

Then I saw this one above, and I am thinking of ways to be adventurous includes sharing this picture of me on my blog. Why not?

I hope, you, my readers are well. I look forward to “seeing” you again, soon! I’m going to enjoy my walk now…. just wanted to share πŸ’—

8 thoughts on “Being me

  1. You look beautiful Ka and I like the glasses! I think near 40 looks great on you, you look much younger with bright energy. I hope the Lillian Bridges message is true as I get close to 60! Could it be that motherhood has lightened you up even more and gives you a youthful glow?

    Keep being you and enjoy your walk. ❀

  2. Happiness is the most profound makeup, Ka. And no quantity of makeup can hide its absence. Thanks for following your heart and sharing this lovely message. May we all let the light within us shine!

    Hope you had a lovely walk…

  3. so beautiful to see you! you are lit up with joy from the inside out and it looks stunning on you. gorgeous also is that pendant! wonderful energy it exudes, just like your heart! so glad you decided to share yourself here Ka! ❀ much love to you.

  4. Ka, you look great! If you are concerned about anything at all, it is in your own mind.
    Don’t know who Lillian Bridges is, but her comment about people over ’60’ is just not
    true. For instance, I started my blog when I was around 60, and it’s been over 11 years now!

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