Bird of Paradise

I used to see this plant as so exotic. This was before I moved across the States to the other coast. Now I see them all the time. So it was interesting when this particular bloom caught my eye with all its vibrancy and flame-like presence, encouraging me to take a closer look, and to capture the moment.

If only we could pause more often and see what’s in front of us with new eyes. Maybe then we would see how exotic and vibrant the land is surrounding us. Each and every one of us lives in a unique ecosystem. It’s right outside your front door!

Thank you to everyone who has been visiting and commenting during this Nano Poblano challenge for November 2020. I’ve been a little bit low on energy so I’m going to do my best to catch up with comments after I rest some during my down time, or whenever it’s possible. I do enjoy visiting your blogs. I appreciate you! Thank you for being here!

8 thoughts on “Bird of Paradise

  1. Finding and appreciating the ‘now’ moment in front of us replaces any sadness
    (or confusion) from the ‘past’ and apprehension of the ‘future’.
    Beautiful flowers and photos of the bird of paradise.

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