Marika Hackman

It’s been a while since I’ve been so captivated by an artist like this. I love the haunting sound of Marika’s voice and lyrics. She comes from a place of depth and exploration. It’s nice to find a new fascination in her work and talents that I want keep enjoying more of her songs. This is the song that got me started, but there are so many songs with the same quality of soul expression.

I’ve been wanting more people in my life who I can share music with, people who resonate with what I like. What I like changes, but I don’t want to hold back sharing because I’m afraid people won’t be interested. I’ve done that way too much in my life, and I’m calling quits on that. I enjoy music which moves me to the depths of my soul, even if that evokes melancholy. I can easily get out of melancholy so I don’t fear to tread in where these sounds take me. It’s nourishing and enriching to be an artist who explores new territory. I used to be an artist like that. I’m going to rediscover that part of me.

What music do you love but you feeling awkward sharing with others in your day to day? Please tell me all about it.

14 thoughts on “Marika Hackman

  1. Kudos on being willing to explore new venues and share more of yourself Ka. I’ve held back on sharing much of myself for too much of my life too. Sometimes I’ve held back from admitting to loving classical music for concern over being considered old and square, and now I’m both so I guess it’s good to share. 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing! What are some of your favorite classical composers and/or favorite pieces! I can’t image your being square in the sense you use it here, ever! 😆👏 There a quite a few classical pieces I enjoy and when I was 9 I played many on my flute!

  2. I had a hard time understanding the words in Deep Green, so let that go, because I LOVE this sound with the drumbeat. The wailing, or maybe toning is a better word? at the beginning and woven throughout reminds me of a time several years ago when I used to go to a Saturday drum circle. Sometimes we chanted and occasionally met for kirtan. The people were very accepting and once or twice I was moved to release tones like wailing or toning. it wasn’t sad, but somewhat haunting with a middle eastern feel…. The drum circle doesn’t meet anymore. I miss it. But I do have a friend who is in her 80s, teaches voice and piano lessons, and loves to sing with me. We sing mostly old standard hits from the 50s and 60s like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and we just resumed out monthly singing dates two days ago. It was lovely. Thank you for helping me realize what a blessing this is. I also like Taize chants and playing with harmonies intuitively. Music is powerful!

    1. Oh she has a very poetic way with words and she speaks freely as an artist, I love her depth of exploration. I’m so glad you could enjoy those drums and can appreciate aspects of the music. I’ve enjoyed chanting kirtan in the past, too, and have enjoyed drum circles as well. So wonderful you enjoy getting together with your friend, and yes, harmonies are very enchanting to explore naturally. Music is powerful, I agree. Thank your for sharing, JoAnna!

      1. They are great — and her original music fabulous — I was just fascinated by her commentary on her 2020 covers — how she could not find her creative force and so returned to the music she loved, recording it in her childhood bedroom in her parents home. So very touching.

  3. Marika Hackman’s voice is delicious.

    I never hold back on sharing music to anyone who’s willing to listen. I am unapologetic for anything I love, musically speaking. Music is life, after all.

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