Magical pathways and definite signs

Brilliant sun dresses the grass in glistening crystal light, like glass

as each day fades more quickly than the last

with only time scattering, not shattering.

I am alone in the temple of my studying

who has hope in this life that’s quickening?

The messages on the wind are obvious and settling.

Feathers touch my eyes even when I haven’t been eyes wide-open, a blessing.

head to the ground, I see the sky, anyways.

goddess protects me, restores me, intrigues me.

she is my mystery, cloaked in light. Too bright to see the shapes.

she is the laughter that breaks over silly faces

and highlights dreamy face contours full of delight.

I’m walking on the ground that you put down for me, wearing my t-shirt of faith, that one that was an accidental gift posted to me.

Owl, Hawk, you remind me that my roots are going down, right where I am. I am meant to be here.

Butterflies and sun blazing and all…

The heat makes the air rise, and I wonder how much the butterfly has to move to keep from getting scorched by summer sun.

She is beautiful, but she works hard, while others see whimsy.

She wants to know more about the mystery of the wind, but she’s Content to ride, knowing how to glide, and when to flit.

And when to rest.

8 thoughts on “Magical pathways and definite signs

  1. Your pictures are so brilliant & beautiful, they brightened me up and then I thoroughly enjoyed the brightness and lightness that I continued to feel through your poem. Feels so good to read this from you. I feel the care you bring for the butterfly while it seems to enjoy all the freedom.

    with only time scattering, not shattering

    I’m walking on the ground that you put down for me, wearing my t-shirt of faith

    I loved these lines, somehow they spoke more boldly to me.

  2. Your beautiful photos and the content butterfly in the poem made me smile. I’m glad you’re having these magic moments. Thank you for sharing them!

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