Sun rises with orange tasty smiles

Oats, eggs, and coffee mix with autumn

I hear the leaves crunch like cereal when

I’m walking outside.

Then there’s the design of the ocean

A stretching scape of smoothery

I love to hear the ripples and dance with the shimmer of golden mica sand

My home is a beauty.

a delightfully crisp autumn fog promising sunshine

Night chimney burning with cool morning mists.

My feet are dazzled by the shore while my head is in the mountains.

My home is a beauty

Rising land ambiance, rising mists, rising spirits.

9 thoughts on “Rising

  1. I enjoyed these strong sensory experiences and imaging the beauty around you that will enhance my awareness of the beauty around me. “I hear the leaves crunch like cereal,” was fun. It made me think of goats at the farm animal sanctuary where I volunteer. The goats eat leaves. They prefer green leaves, but the brown crunchy ones are like their cereal.

      1. Thank you dear JoAnna! Things really have been going well, getting better than they were for me, and lots of joy with the FAM 💗. Thank you for visiting! I missed you and will be blogging again at some point. Happiest Holidays your way!

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