Stillness in Freedom

A moment’s peacefulness can make up for many weeks’ strife. Never forget the power of a few moments of freedom.

Thanking God and Goddess for all the love that is everywhere, ready to receive all the trials, tears, and traumas of our planet. Dragonflies and butterflies are about, the wind is in the leaves 🍃 rocking the dry ones off the branch.

A day or two without pain is welcomed. The pain will probably return, but this moment is to be rejoiced! A sigh of relief. The road through life is hopefully long, and likely convoluted. There’s a moment to behold when our prayers are answered, for however long in freedom, we can embrace.

15 thoughts on “Stillness in Freedom

  1. Today I heard from a friend – Not even a deity dares interrupt our moments of communion with divinity. I was greatly pleased to read your post and these words came to mind, truly wishing you extended and expanded versions of these moments of relief my friend. Much Love to you 💛✨

  2. I’ve been thinking more about this. When there is relief from chronic pain, I always wonder what eased the pain. Sometimes it’s hard to know, but I hope there are clues. Regardless, if freedom came, it can come again and again. Peace and Blessings to you dear Ka.

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