Pocket Gophers

Ka Photography

The gophers had come! The gophers relate to the strong feminine energy of the Mother Earth. They symbolize fertility and working deep with the soil. Gophers love to nibble on roots and destroy gardens. They’d be cute if they weren’t such a pest. There are limitless resources out there about smells gophers don’t like. I have tested these hypotheses and the gophers are not too dissuaded. Garlic and Gardenia don’t work, moth balls do not deter. Gophers are resilient and smart. They have each other, but it only takes one gopher to ‘somehow’ make many more. I’m not saying that they are asexual, but they sure are clever and fast when they want to be.

The gophers show us how to build and network. Their tunnels can be elaborate; they work unseen. I’ve been thinking about the networks in my life that are unseen. The ways that I’m tied to others and to my neighborhood and community. Animals are messengers and help us to reflect on the wisdom they provide if you are looking, responding and receiving those messages.

9 thoughts on “Pocket Gophers

  1. I am glad you see your Gophers in this light.. Thankfully we do not have these animals in England.. Moles, rats and rabbits yes…
    Learning to see the animal totems and signs they each represent is often what I do….. and once we recognise their messages I usually find as I also ask the Animal kingdom Devas for help in moving them to pastures new LOL….
    Sending love your way Ka….. ❤ And thank you for sharing ❤

    1. Speaking to the Devas is part of the interaction, for sure! We had a beautiful hawk encounter very close to us a couple of weeks ago! So many messages, so much communication! Interesting how I didn’t blog about that one. Summer is especially full this year. As per your commenting on my other blog post, with the mud dauber: my little munchkin is growing up fast! 3 years and time is ticking too quickly by the metronome of a life living with a cute little one. Thanks for wishing me a Happy Birthday, there, too. This Sunday, it shall be. Hugs and love!

      1. Yes they grow us so very fast and so treasure these moments of joy of discovery together.. Hawk always a great Totem…. and maybe wasn’t meant to be shared.. ❤
        Enjoy your week and your Birthday Ka.. ❤

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