Cancer New Moon, July 1 2011, Partial Solar Eclipse — Fiesta Estrellas (ReBLOGathon Day26)

July 1, 2011 Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer/ New Moon The astrological sign of Cancer is given the element of water, describing what type energy it is, and the cardinal modality, describing how it operates. Cancer, like water, flows into any shape of container. It surrounds and absorbs. It is inherently adaptive. Water energy is […]

Cancer New Moon, July 1 2011, Partial Solar Eclipse — Fiesta Estrellas

This reblog is one of my favorites.

I remember writing this post, and it really was a collection of information and knowledge I gained through many years of experience. The one thing that stood out to me when re-reading, was thinking about how the signs of both Pisces and Cancer deal with the subconscious. Pisces because of its relationship to the 12th house of the unconscious (and its nature as a water sign) and Cancer because of its inherent relationship with the moon (and it’s a water sign). Scorpio also shares that water relationship. When you differentiate the water signs you want to look to its modality: Fixed, Cardinal, or Mutable. Cancer is a cardinal sign, the sign that this reblog is focused on (along with its opposite Capricorn). The opposite signs share the same modality–which is the hidden harmony in opposition. Astrology has many harmonies built-in, if you look for them.

Cancer has “direction.” The energy is focus and directed: it’s creative, which is why is related to the Mother-mothering principle.

After I published this post. I thought: hmm… why am I interested in this post as my reblog? How did it come up in my awareness? So I look at the transits for today. The moon is exactly opposite my natal moon (in Cancer) @ 12 degrees. So that’s how astrology works… it’s beautiful, and poetic–and you don’t even have to PAY ATTENTION to it or “FOLLOW IT’, for it to work; its just silently in the background, describing what is already happening.

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