Happy baby pose — Fiesta Estrellas -ReBLOGathon Day27-

the focus, the point of any moment’s contentment is the delicate reality of right here, now playful ~ cross crawl, ipsilateral, in a ball: when hands touch soles of feet, and reach to touch toes! this pose – is made for giggles, and wiggles. the sacrum is flat, and the body is a bowl nimble […]

Happy baby pose, sharing more of me. — Fiesta Estrellas

Howdy! I didn’t make it to the blog yesterday. Mr. Ka ended up getting a gnarly case of shingles 😦 and well, I spent the day having so much fun with my daughter! Please send him good, quick-healing vibes.

I chose the above post as my “make up” post for yesterday’s reBLOGathon Day 27 and Cheer Peppers Nano Poblano because its about yoga, and embracing the moment. 🙂 The World Tree is consistent in my previous images with my adventure tree so I thought it also connects up well, there, too. I’m planning on collecting my poems that I wrote since my last publication and gather them up, do some editing and publish another book. This is a very exciting project, indeed 🙂

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