My last article was about time and the current theories in theoretical physics about the nature of the universe. Time is not well understood on the cosmological scale. We do know that we experience time subjectively. In my next explorations, I hope to write about how time is related to aspects of psychology and how different aspects of the brain process time. This might be a tipping off point for me to do more investigation into consciousness and oscillating microtubules. This is an interesting topic for me, so I hope to have some time to do it.

May your day be filled with curiosity and wonder–we live in a marvelous world.

Here our sunny Southern California is giving us a wind and rain storm. It might even bring up to 4in! That’s a lot for a place that might only see about 12in per year. I’m looking forward to the rain, but not the damage. It will be nice to be cozy in the house! That’s perfect for the current astrological moon (and for a natal Cancer Moon).

11 thoughts on “Horizons

  1. Time has always been something that has fascinated me. Especially how different people perceive time and how it passes or happens. My thoughts and understanding on time are very different than that of my 20 year old sons.

    1. Yes, isn’t it fascinating?! The fact that it’s so subjective and easily influenced by other factors such as age and health is so interesting. Yes, your 20 year old son is on a different schedule than you! There is definitely a biological clock with genes that regulate time and code for it. It’s really interesting. I got a fever now and I’m too sick to do much, but hopefully I can get around to write more on this in the future.

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