Half my life ago

I’m in the process of recovering from a fever and a cough. This is the first fever I’ve had since the beginning of the pandemic, even though I got Covid at least once! Then I had lost my sense of smell, but got it back quickly after. However I believe Covid triggered depression at that time. Fortunately, I got out of it with help and support of medication, which I now no longer take. Getting on it was pretty bad. Getting off was easy. Getting on there were awful side-effects that worsened my depression and had me calling relatives in the middle of the night. That eventually passed. This is why I think many people who might benefit from antidepressants don’t use them. But I stayed the course. I eventually improved to the point of not needing anything, and it was only then, when getting off the antidepressant, I learned that they were the cause of terrible night sweats—nice to be free of those now. Well, until this fever. But with this fever came those awful chills. I’m grateful for my body’s ability to heal. I share this because it’s okay to go through processes and it’s not taboo in my world to get help from both alternative medicine and Western medicine. Of course the Western medicine is often not so good for the long term-though each case is different. Each person is absolutely unique.

I’ve been writing a lot about time, and I plan to go back and pick up my theme I started from my last blog post. But for some reason, this picture came up in my phone’s feed from when I was in a temple in India, and finished my first puja at 21. I had a Brahman bless the crown of my head. Age 21 I was at the pinnacle of my world. I couldn’t even imagine that I made it to my dream of world travel. I found that embracing these sacred temples that I traveled throughout the world deepened my spirituality, and it was on this trip that it became like a sojourn for me in my soul. Was I connecting with former lifetimes? It was most likely the case. Eventually I became a doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. All my journeys seem to have taken a decent amount of time. I have lived deeply, and sometimes it’s hard to believe how I got to here, and from where I came. I sincerely love helping people. I love being an inspiration and a beacon of hope. Recently I had a person confide in me that. Here you can read it:

If any of you need anything, a pep talk, or shoulder to lean on for a moment. I’m here. Just send me a message in the contact form.

41 thoughts on “Half my life ago

    1. Hope you feel better real soon. You were blessed to have started out your adult life on such a good footing. In my next life I want to be born in India. Anyhow I am Bipolar so no stranger to depression but right now my husband is sick and panicky anxiety is the status. Anyhow get well!! ❣️

      1. Thank you! Yes it was an extraordinary experience, before most people were traveling, before the advent of globalism. I’m really sorry that your husband is currently sick and experiencing anxiety. I wish him wellness on a deep level and I will be sending lots of positive thoughts and vibrations your way. ♥️. Thank you also for your well wishes!

  1. You are inspiring Ka. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I know of what you speak. I don’t like pharmaceutical drugs and try naturopathic things first. But there are just some ailments we need ‘the big guns’. Hugs ❤

    1. Yes! Debbie, as a Doctor of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and a practicing clinician: each case is unique and requires all the possibilities for needs to be met! I never make universal recommendations. My fever has passed now, and I am feeling on the mend. I’m grateful for all my herbalism knowledge that I believe made this event a “short-lived” fever. It certainly had a lot of power with those chills. Thank goodness, I’m over the hump! Hugs to you too, Debbie!

  2. You indeed become a signpost Ka, to show the world something very loving and wonderful has been found because of this journey you have taken. A gift beyond words. Merry Christmas dear lady 😀❤️🙏🏽🎅🏽🎄🎁⛄️

    1. Helping and touching others is kind of the purpose of my life. I really don’t see another possibility nor desire. I’m glad you enjoy seeing my photos here of me. It’s wild to think of how long ago I was in India. Wild!! To have such a “life-changing” experience then, still influences me now 🙂

  3. I love seeing pictures of you and learning more about your story as it continues to evolve. I agree with you about Depression and meds and different ways to access one’s ability to heal. You are a light. So glad you see it within yourself. ❤

    1. Linda, there are so many possible solutions to problems that arise and then go away. There are persistent problems and all sorts. As a doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, I don’t make universal recommendations. Each person is so different and circumstances must be viewed in the whole picture.

      Thank you for calling me a light! I have been told similarly first by my mother who I helped, so she said, when I young, by saying things which were just what she needed to hear when she was desperately seeking it. As far as seeing it in myself? I only know what others tell me. I strive to become a light.

      Love you!! Ka

  4. I agree with Linda, it’s so good to see you and hear about your journey. You look vibrant and at peace these days…although I know you’ve been through much there is a grounded energy I feel exuding from you and like you’ve melted into the present and embracing the spaciousness of your being. I love your balanced approach to life and the comfort you have with all parts of the journey now. Thank you for opening your heart to others. I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thanks, Tania! I do daily meditation practices and I can say that my mind is so much more silent than it was several months ago (probably since I finished my doctorate!). I am feeling better now. The fever has passed. Thank you for joining me here, and for your sweet reply! ♥️ I feel that love 💗

  5. Whatever life gives us helps us devolve. We may not have wanted this or that
    for ourselves but it actually happens us grow. We learn to live with it and we actually
    become stronger for it. Many lessons are learned because of it. hugs, Eddie

  6. Sorry that you aren’t feeling well, Ka. But so thankful that you shared that photo and how transformative that time of life was for you. My daughter is also a doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and I know how much good comes from the work of healing. Wishing you much good health through the holidays and through the coming year. Continue your journey with love and peace. Hugs.

    1. Thanks, Diana! Fever is wiped, but now I am contending with a chest cold. I’m eagerly awaiting my herbs to ship to me. My first set of formulas helped shift the fever quickly!

      It’s the biggest blessing to get to work with the medicine I get to work with—and to practice integrative medicine—and just continuing to train all the time in all the medicines I work with. This year I was just selected to be an Elder for the Women’s Center for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies for a second year!!! I support those who are journeying for the first time with the New Zealand Native Plant Teachers.

      I’m glad your daughter has chosen a similar line of work! I wonder how she found it? I wonder if you had an influence (or the other way around on NR?) You can see why Necromancer’s Daughter is especially a hit with me!!

      1. My daughter spent a year in Thailand which I think had a big influence on her. She loves working with herbs (which I think taste awful, Lol) but she has a lot of sucess. Congrats on your selection as an Elder. What an honor, and I know it was well-deserved. Are you in NZ? Honestly, I didn’t know. I would love to travel there one day. The country seems so… sane. ❤ Hugs, my friend.

      2. Yes, how lovely! Where does she practice? I would be happy to connect with her someday.

        Thank you 🙏🏼 it is an honor!

        I do not live in NZ. I am based in S. California. I have a strong spiritual and emotional link to Polynesian cultures, esp the Maori. Yes. The country is sane.

      3. We’re near Portland, OR. I didn’t realize you were so close-ish. My mom was Dutch-Indonesian, so I have a strong connection to that part of the world, especially through the food, which she used to make all the time. What a treat. 🙂

      4. How cool! I love to learn more about you. Do you have any memoirs written yet? I feel closer to your mom now. I will definitely hold you in my loving thoughts this holiday season and throughout your break… and even then some after that ::wink:: 😀

    1. Thank you! I am getting there. The fever went away quickly–and I think I am on the mend. Just started being able to prep for our family visitors. I so appreciate you 🙂 I want you to always keep making your art ❤ and I will be joining you soon in that, I can feel the space opening up for it…. I've been really trying to get there. 🙂 For my own happiness, yes! 😀 Thanks for reading. Wishing you the Happiest Holiday season this year…

  7. I wish I’d traveled more in my twenties, but maybe there’s still time. Thank you for reminding me that healing is not only possible, but it’s what our bodies do. Thanks for helping the healing along. I know you’ll feel better soon!

    1. Hi JoAnna,
      My experience was profound. There are so many people who are traveling all the time nowadays. When I went then it seemed particularly surreal and exceptional. Over time I’m sure I’ll share more and more. If you do seek out some traveling definitely choose places which will be profound and spin the way you look at the world, and the people in it! My travel was service and education-related, but within it I had the freedom to choose my focus. It just turned out that I sought holy temples of all kinds and religions throughout the world. I had private time to immerse myself in these really ancient temple energies and I “juiced” my heart through it. Maybe the temples were my way of processing the learning of those worlds outside, and to bring understanding, submerging myself in the All That Is of the creator!

      Yes, our bodies are AMAZING! I also think that our minds are amazing. We are capable of so much more than we know. And that’s the point: the regular mind limits us into our normal POV. We can use the flip-side of our same ‘mind’ to untunnel our way out of the darkness.

      I’m starting to feel better, looking for my herbs to arrive tomorrow to help with this heavy-duty cough. Thank you! 🤗

      Maybe I’ll see some new travels pop up on your blog! 😃

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