A place

There’s a place we can go where we can reach

anything in our heart’s desire.

I can light a match and open a door.

The magic is thick with the spark.

My animal guide walks in and we are transported

through the keyhole into

the Garden.

I am here with you now, tending to your roses that are

growing in the snow.

We hear the drip drip from the ice thawing

and I open my cloak and reach out for your hand.

You are silent and I touch your heart with my hand.

Inside it I can feel your hurting beat, I surround the area

and clear out the dry rot.

I pull away the termites and open up your light. Your lantern pulses.

A star above your head opens, and it spills its light

into your heart.

We close your blue cloak and sit in the dark atop the

patches of iced moss.

We surrender to the shape of our breaths flowing from our mouths.

After a moment’s pause, I say,

“Let’s go home and make some soup.”

You agree and we light another match.

We are transported into our kitchen away from the garden

Garlic, tomato, basil and oregano are all prepared for us

near the stove.

You sit down at the table,

and I begin to cook for you,

with the biggest smile on my face.

Photo credit from Unsplash Collection
Photo credit from Unsplash Collection

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