Castles in the Sky: Pisces Full Moon

I am aware that we just visited with the full moon in Virgo in real time. This blog post on the full moon in Pisces came up in my history so I thought I would post it for fun! Pisces is getting more emphasis right now with Saturn’s recent ingress into Pisces ♓️ for a two and a half year stay.

As an Aquarius rising, I get a lot of Saturnian power in my life (Ancient ruler of Aquarius). Today we are celebrating Holi — the festival of colors! I think it brings together the Pisces element very nicely… opening the boundaries of color, a color explosion. Celebrating the triumph of good over evil—the return to light and the enchantment of coming Spring. This is the Spiritual rescue/release/surrender that is promised with Pisces.

Please enjoy this post! 💖🤗

Full Moon in Pisces August 29, 2015 11:35am (PDT) This Full Moon in the Tropical (Western Zodiac) of Pisces is referred to as a Supermoon. The term “…

Castles in the Sky: Pisces Full Moon

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