Releasing limitations

Ka Malana Photography 2023 Fleet Science Center Libra ♎️ 🌕

After the 5 day Pacific Sports and Orthopedic Acupuncture Symposium (PSOAS) conference which was amazing, wonderful, inspiring and so many things, I ended up with back pain. This time it doesn’t feel muscular but backs are tricky as I well know, because I treat them and take care of my patients. My pain started towards the end and this is despite that I made sure I was mobile by taking walking breaks, exercising my core, rolling out muscles and pacing myself. The pain still snuck up on me. I even utilized therapy of PEMF from the vendors, etc. which is amazing; you would love it.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I spent many years being in intractable back pain before and all through my education in getting my doctorate in acupuncture. As they say, it’s helped to build my character, and helped me go deeply into the purpose of life, my life, and really get into the grit of my spiritual journey here on Earth. Having regular back pain and fatigue, autoimmune irregularities and generally inherited health challenges, has helped me to see that I am an individual and cannot compare myself to others. This reality of my experience has really helped me deal with the suffering of my patients and helped them overcome their limitations.

My fellow shaman friend even gave me an energy healing while on the sidewalk last night as I went out to celebrate her birthday with her under the light of the full moon at the Fleet Science center. I watched a short planetarium show and got out of my seat early to try to relieve the pain. I’m glad I managed to make it out, but she was running late and didn’t manage to make it to the actual show. We met up afterwards and hugged. I have her a birthday gift and she gave me a healing while I was walking to the car. It eased my pain by about 15% and my drive home was much more relaxed.

What is to be learned from all this? There are times when we go through hardships, struggle and most certainly pain. It doesn’t make you wrong or bad. You will get out of pain again. I will get out of pain again. This full moon lit up my 3rd house with Aries ♈️ while Aries is on my 2nd house cusp and therefore both houses are activated. My self love and self esteem has been under review for quite some time and I’ve been working to fill the void. The full moon is directly at 16Libra on my natal Mars (which conjoins Pluto and squares my natal moon in Cancer). The astrology shows you I am definitely processing through THE STUFF.

I’m not on the planet to be a perfect person. I am here mostly as a wounded healer. My entire chart is aspected by Chiron. It is a necessity for me to keep going, and giving whatever gifts I have to the people who need them, to the people who I can help.

You are not alone. I see you. I am a fellow journeyer through the vicissitudes of life and it gets much brighter when we can see past and focus on the light on the other side of the stepping stone. My pain is my gain. I will not let it be in vain. I have learned so much from people who have suffered worse and from those who have suffered less. This is my innocence and my equality. I am a wounded hero of my own journey still in the making…

With this Full Moon in Libra, I release all the limitations from my being my highest and best self in this present life. I open to God/Goddess and all that is and accept my road with full appreciation for the value of this life that I get to live with all its advantages and disadvantages. I speak with gratitude that I am regularly humbled into my experience of awareness and ever-drawing-out light within me. May I become a beacon of hope for others. May my life give your life value and vice versa. And so it is! a’ho in munay, so mote it be! Amen!

33 thoughts on “Releasing limitations

  1. Thank you Ka for sharing your ‘Pain’ and experiences… Indeed the Pain especially of constant back pain can be very draining .. Understanding that our bodies hold energy blocks and speak to us all the time… Backs being our supporting system…
    I need not tell you dear friend who have suffered long in your struggle in overcoming that pain..
    I am pleased you have friends around you who can also help bring relief..
    Many are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms within the body as we are releasing much from within…
    Your conference sounded an Amazing time of getting together with Likeminded souls…
    Have a wonderful relaxing pain free Easter Ka…
    Much love my friend ❤

  2. I so appreciate and value your shares Ka. Thank you for being a light in the world helping others to see and know the value of life in all of its expressions. There is no perfect place to arrive… being in the fullness of what is showing up is richness ever unfolding. You are an inspiration. Thank you!

  3. Dear Ka
    what comes at me in a big energy wave from your post is – what a beautiful giving heart you are, full of gratitude. Pain is such an intense teacher to live with, quite tedious actually and yet often times it becomes source of our deep connection within and to all those we touch with the essence of our being that gets broken out in to surges of expression & fulfilling service to Life itself. It is the chosen ones that are these gentle giants of strength & peace – I wish you the most amazing journey with utmost ease my friend. Thank you for sharing with us, I feel bright with inspiration I receive from you.

    1. The tedium of pain you have so well noted here, Pragalbha. It’s a micromanaging situation when one’s pain is loud. Fortunately I am already feeling better, but one never knows how long these painful events will live out. I have been able to move my body through easeful moments. The essence of our being cannot be squelched. You are so right about the surges of expression through all of our processes, clearings and awakenings of awareness. I am continuously amazed by what is unfolding at any given moment. My goal is to reach others, to be an expression and a light, in any way I can. I am so grateful for your comment and time. Thank you, Pragalbha for your love and tenderness: My great respect for you. 💖

      1. “I am continuously amazed by what is unfolding at any given moment.” – this to me is very moving, how exquisite it is to be present to Life like that – also knowing what affords us this alertness. The easeful moments are our portals to the other side …there is so much power in what you say about our essence and our expressions. I am honored to get to walk alongside your journey in this space – Much Love & Hugs my friend.

  4. Kudos on your attitude of perseverance and clarity of purpose Ka. I’ve had lingering intestinal and back pain for the past few weeks and find it very challenging. I can’t imagine dealing with it chronically as you and others do.

    1. Hello Brad, I’m so sorry to hear you are in discomfort. I do hope you are getting care for yourself as you need and I trust that you know there are resources to help you if you do need them. Yes, having any chronic health challenges can be draining to say the least. However, when we do overcome them (and for a decent measure of time) as I have, it really creates a sense of lasting hope. My back is already feeling better from this episode. Any recent episodes of back pain I have had have been short-lived and have had a known trigger. That is, if I continue on doing well—which is never guaranteed—it’s still promising that I’ve made such a recovery from years past.

      I’ll be thinking of you extra! Thank you for sharing, and may you fully recover, and quickly! 💖 Big hug

  5. “I’m not on the planet to be a perfect person. I am here mostly as a wounded healer”. We move forward, one step at a time, sometimes slowly, sometimes faster… but we continue on. You do give value to many lives. I wish you comfort, value, and joy!

  6. There is so much learned wisdom in this post, especially your thoughts on not being here to be perfect and how even the negatives in life eventually pass to reveal the positives we perhaps knew were there all along. Lovely post! ❣️

  7. Sure hope you are feeling better, Ka!! It never ceases to amaze me how pain can sneak up on you. How funny you mentioned the PEMF machine…it just recently came on my radar and I don’t know much about it. There’s a new gem/healing modality store and the owner has one that she allows people to use. I’ve been meaning to do some research on it, and to try it out. Any thoughts about it?

      1. Hi Lorrie! Yes, I agree it’s funny. I will definitely say that I felt better pretty quickly. I am so grateful that I did. That episode didn’t last two long—compared to the episodes and more stable pain I had for 10 years. I can’t even believe it now—that I am so much better.

      2. That makes me really happy, Ka. It can be really scary when we have been able to move away from deep pain and then it makes a tiny comeback!
        Sending all good things to you and yours 😊💜

      3. Hi Lorrie, I know you know this experience well. Thank you for your compassion. I have been fortunate that I am have been doing increasingly better and for longer periods of time. The only thing I’m dealing with now is fatigue and occasional overwhelm; which i think is endemic to the stage of life i am in–and/or having a young kiddo. Sending all the good things both to you and yours as well ❤ Thank you for being here!

      4. Love being here!! 😉 Yes…been there…and a giant YES…to having a little one!! They definitely take time and energy. Hard to believe my baby is 42!! He has his 20th COLLEGE reunion!!! Ugh!! But age is just a number!! And I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt!!! Here’s to rockin’ it not matter our age or responsibilities! 😊💜

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