Pop-up friend

Ka Malana Photography 2023
Being observed — Ka Malana Photography 2023

Being observed while I had just wrapped up my lunch at the incredibly informative and mind-blowing conference of PSOAS—Pacific Sports and Orthopedic Acupuncture Symposium.

This sweet charmer was wiggling his or her nose at me and had the most pleasant while curious energy. This felt like the most natural encounter—clearly the little one does this a lot to other conference goers, although I was the only one around. But the dexterity and skill of the sneak-up, pop-up was unprecedented by others of its kind. This is career squirrel 🐿️

Flexible, quick-witted, and nutty… 🙂

Gotta love this animal medicine that impresses me while I’m being wowed in so many other ways, reminding me to be light-hearted, fun, and never miss an opportunity to say “hello there” 👋

16 thoughts on “Pop-up friend

  1. Wow such sweetness & beautiful reminders of awe, and interconnectedness and to keep the fun & lightheartedness alive – I totally receive what you are sharing my dear friend Ka. It makes me smile when you say – while I’m being wowed in so many other ways :))) Beautiful pictures & this interaction of yours!!!

  2. There has to be a story of this nature to be able to appreciate life in an optimistic way. You have a visitor who makes you see the cuteness of different colors. The photos are great. Regards Ka. Have a nice Sunday with the family.

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