Venus Station Direct: February 1, 2014


[Image from, artist unknown]

Venus keywords: relationships, values, art, the senses, Taurus, Libra, money

Some relationships are built into our lives so deeply that they simply seem to align with our deepest needs for growth and change—despite all the ups and downs and vicissitudes of life. Other relationships, well, they may have been continuous, or seeming to last over a span of time, but there’s something about them—in and of themselves—wherein interaction betrays our deepest authenticity. These relationships we feel compelled to maintain due to on-going patterns beyond our control, such as family relations, or because we made promises to ourselves to be a good friend by being consistently present.

Both of these types of relationships can be described by Venus in Capricorn: those relationships that are solid and lasting because of their ease and innate naturalness, and those relationships that persist to wear away at our very essence. If we are honest with ourselves, we know which are which, and we can make appropriate decisions about where to put our energy. Nevertheless, as Venus stations direct, we can return our awareness to those relationships that are most in alignment with our deepest values—relationships that honor the integrity of our being. In other words, It’ll be easier to spot a true-blue friend going forward.



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