The internet is down

We are managing through the heat wave but the internet is down. My cellular service is providing this little bit of connection. I have really, truly missed WordPress in the last several months while I was less present and more in my “local” life and goings ons… The community we’ve created is so beautiful. I love how we are all living our own lives, working on our own art, writing, hobbies, freedom and voice. Thank you for being here! 😃

There are so many of you who I miss, who have not been writing. You are never forgotten.

15 thoughts on “The internet is down

    1. Oh my dear friend! I tried to leave a comment on Teri’s post this morning and my comment washed away. Internet is up, but I have some errant WordPress issues. This happened with another reply on my own blog to a comment.

      I adore your book “Necromancer’s Daughter,” and have been telling everyone about it—including a friend who doesn’t use social media much at all. I don’t know if you saw my post before this one, but I included a link to your kindle! You are such an incredible writer, and I love your characters! Thank you!! I hope to finish the ND book soon! When I do read it I can’t put it down. This weekend I am busy getting ready for my 6 day seminar next week. I’m doing Sports Medicine Acupuncture certification. 😃 The other times I’m trying to spend quality time with my daughter 💗. I’ll still be back over for your tour as much as possible!

      1. Oh, thanks for the shout out on your blog, Ka. I’ll head over to read and officially jump up and down with joy. Lol. My daughter is an acupuncturist and I’m a big fan. Have fun at your seminar… and of course, enjoy your time with your daughter. ❤ ❤ ❤

      2. I’m so excited for this seminar. I’ve been working ahead on my other doctorate stuff to try to get done and clear space to accomplish a 12 hr day tomorrow with classes plus seminar. I have to prepare for my patient who is coming now. I love love what I do!!! Acupuncture is the best. I love that I’m a practicing acupuncturist. I remember you saying your daughter is an acupuncturist, too! Makes sense! And you especially know why I love Necromancer’s Daughter, besides the awesome writing ✍️💗

  1. It’s nice to be able to come back and connect, Ka! Time may pass, but we will always jump right back in to the love energy! Hope your internet gets better. Our condo assoc is completely changing over to a new provider the end of November…I am putting out to the Universe that it will be a smooth transition and it will be better 😉
    Have a great week ❤

    1. Hi Yes, Lorrie. Our internet went back up without too much trouble! Thank goodness! I love connecting with everyone here. It makes me really happy. Blogging is one of my favorite things because it’s always here! 💗 I’m always here! The love energy is always here. Yay! I hope your condo assoc’s new provider transition goes wonderfully!

      1. Yes, thank you, and so far so good! Getting my exercise on and I’m feeling ready. I hear you, one of the benefits of the combination of time and working on oneself is being happy and accepting. Also, just about everything works out, eventually. 💗👍👏🙌🏻💗

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