The ‘Slow Down’ on Sun in Taurus: Protecting Personal Space

The moon is in Virgo now (Moon trine Sun) and my attention can easily be turned to the affairs of my daily life. My own personal challenges are stabilizing again and the sunny San Diego sky is shining in my living room. My orchids and Felicia, my special aloe, are happy. One of my friends really enjoys the acronym “ADL.” I suppose, so do I.

Activities of Daily Living are those things that you do that can also be considered ritual. Our ADLs relate to health, what we eat, how we preserve space/energy (Taurus). Some people have very fixed patterns here, and others don’t. There’s really no “good” or “bad” to it – it’s mostly about how well it suits you as an individual, and then, of course within your surroundings (the other people, plants, and animals with whom you are in relationship).

After all, one thing is defined in relationship to another, so I’m talking about all the Earth signs, together.

Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn Triangle

We can build trust/substance/material (Taurus) from our ADLs (Virgo) by some way or method. Here’s another natural trine: the earth elements. It doesn’t matter what the transits are doing, if you can tap into the natural trines for flow, the natural squares for challenge and growth, the oppositions for clarity, and the grand-crosses for ass-kicking-wake-up-a-thons (square-square-square-square) – four 90 degree angles or two lines perpendicular to one another makes ONE beautiful cross.

Finally, to close the triangle part of the discussion, let’s add-in Capricorn – structure. Capricorn represents the “bones,” or the scaffolding of life. If you like to mix metaphors as I do for fun, personal entertainment, and/or experimental reasons.

Walking Meditation – Going slowly

I choose walking meditation to contemplate each step, as my healing (Virgo) takes place. A special ‘Thank you’ to anyone who supported me with kind vibes, thoughts, or left little notes to me wishing me well. The first time around (with the pain), I just dealt with it “all by myself,” preferring to share it with only one or two people. But, as a friend told me yesterday, this is just what we do…as friends. So, thank you for being present with me through any ups and downs. Heres or theres.

Finally, as a result of today’s blog and thought processes, I was able to make the following discovery

It is an interesting paper on mixed metaphors. I’ll need more time reading it – but for now – I’ve got to move on to other ADLs.