Scarab Beetle with Wings

Yesterday, at Balboa Park, I was greeted by an interesting type of flying Scarab beetle.

During our somewhat brief interaction, I went into a position with my arms out, as though I was being smudged with sage before a ceremony. It even took a couple of passes across the length of my body and around my heart chakra. SO COOL!!!! How do those little wings hold up that big, green, sparkling body?! The energy of it felt wonderfully soothing, there wasn’t a touch of fear in my body. Otherwise, a big, buzzing bug, that seemed to arrive out of nowhere, might startle me.

I had some computer trouble this past week, and car trouble; so the computer didn’t get resolved yet. I’m also looking at a loss of files. This was classic Mercury retrograde (and we’re still in it!). Natal Moon and Mercury in Cancer, and a Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo- plus the “more-or-less-there” grand cross activates my personal planets –especially my natal Moon square Pluto. Not to mention the Chiron retrograde at the Solstice, and my natal 3rd house (Mercury/Gemini) Chiron. I haven’t been able to practice my Chinese since my laptop firmware issue – the Apple Manufacturing defect required them to wipe everything – that I only partially backed up, due to perceived time constraints. See my former Mercury retrograde article. I’ll come back and edit this article eventually.

Meanwhile… amazingly awesome and mystical encounters…allow me to know that I am

Summer Solstice 2014


Summertime kicks off in San Diego at 3:51am, PDT, on June 21, 2014. I’ve always enjoyed summer as my favorite time of the year. Summer is always filled with so much hope and potential. As a child, I would just relish in the entire season of it and into the autumn, my second-favorite time of the year!

Looking at the chart that celebrates the beginning of the season:

I still see a weakening grand cross (looks like a square); it has lessened quite a bit.  So… yes, there’s still some *creative* tension there. I will review it here. Following that, you will see an opposition (slicing through the center of the square) which is within interpretable orb, particularly Mars Opposite Uranus. Here’s a great blog post regarding Mar/Uranus OppositionA quick note about orb – the tighter the aspect, the stronger the astrological accuracy. However, with all this Neptune energy (and my own transits), I’m not being very rigid with my orbs delineations. Also, this post is about making generalizations, so that’s what I am doing. I’m still talking about the leftover grand cross because we’re still not done with Uranus square Pluto‘s exact aspects (tightest orb), coming around for its second last *exact* aspect on December 15, 2014 (I haven’t checked for the specific date/time for San Diego yet). I wrote about it here, last year – it’s potentially what set me free from my astrology-writing hiatus for the whole year of 2012.

Corners of the Grand Cross –

Corner A:

Uranus conjunct Moon in Aries

(unexpected emotion, fiery passion, drive for genius, inspired inventions, objectivity over mind/body, anger, spontaneity, energy, excitability)

Corner B:

Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn

(transforming business-matters, opening up unexplored areas in the psyche surrounding public life)

Corner C:

Mars, with nearby transiting N.Node – orb is too wide to call it a conjunction – in Libra

(WE – balancing – scales – weighing the truth, merit of agreement – and the drive for relationship, negotiation, agreement)

Corner D:

Jupiter in Cancer

(family, abundance, world-view/philosophy, explorer, wandering heart)

Mental factors:

Mercury is retrograde and the strong Mercury/Sun conjunction trine Neptune give us more discussion around dreams and other reality-transcending topics – fuzzy thinking, idealistic or illusionary thinking, communication with angels or beings beyond the realm of the ordinary senses. For more on Neptune, click the link.


Mars/Uranus (see link above)




Cover photo from 9HDwallpaper.

The chart I created using astrodienst

I Believe in Bravery: Astrology for April 2014

This month’s Lunar Eclipse will occur on April 15, 2014. In California, it will happen at 12:42am. The month is filled with challenges and opportunities, and the feminine energy returns.

Challenges & Opportunities

This month we have a lot of “heavy duty” transits. The Grand Cross pattern that the heavens have been cultivating is known to bring challenging experiences. These experiences, however, can be very constructive.  Often, they ARE constructive, but we don’t realize that until the pressure is turned down, way down. The Grand Cross is simply a pressure valve, and it can be expressed in many different ways, each unique to one’s own chart and behavior pattern. We can even see this pressure valve trying to release itself in the land with the earthquakes in Chile.

Any challenge has the potential to bring out the best of those working toward a goal by transforming challenges into opportunities. The Grand Cross pattern provides an opportunity for maintaining one’s focus, and specifically in a Cardinal Grand Cross, using that focus as a trajectory.

Unfortunately, the Grand Cross pattern/configuration does not lend itself really well to teamwork. The energy is so very centralized, and it’s a good idea to watch any area of your life where you may be overdoing it, or any area that is demanding too much of your time where your energies are too scattered. You want to make the best of the energies that are supporting you!

Feminine Return

This Lunar Eclipse in Libra certainly calls for some peace and some grace. It’s best to take your time when you can; the pace of interaction can be swift and jarring for those who are sensitive.

Now is the time to find/create the quiet, safe place within yourself; or, it can be any place you designate. Let the receptive, feminine energy (also known as the yin shadow) ‘cool down’ some of the fiery masculine energy of Aries, the yang excitement. In other words, find the Libran balance, the fulcrum point, and rest in stillness for a while. 

Both of the eclipses this month call upon the Goddess energy, the White Tara of Compassion. The Lunar Eclipse on April 15th  is in Libra, a masculine sign ruled by a feminine planet; and, the Solar Eclipse is in the feminine sign of Taurus, on April 28.

Finally, the most satisfying and pleasant feature of this month’s planetary configuration is the grand trine of Saturn, Jupiter, and Chiron. Venus (ruler of Libra) will be transiting conjunct Chiron (applying aspect), and by month’s end, Venus will be forming a harmonious trine with Saturn. Venus rules both Libra and Taurus, making Venus a prime motif for us all month.

Personal note: I shall be taking a break from my blog writing/sharing for most of the month, and will be focusing on my clients, my schoolwork, and travel.  We live in exciting times, and I’m delighted that we’ve been able to share so much through the blog-space!

May Peace Be With You,

Ka Malana