Nude Sculpture and Pisces Full Moon September 8th

Ka Malana ~ Regional Governor's School @1996It’s a full moon in Pisces on Monday and there’s a sense of aloofness to my energy these days. I want wrap myself in the energies of autumnal ART, as she guides me inward to my spiritual hearth. I am happily introverted, turned within to face my experiences, which seem to me to reach beyond any necessary words or the desire to write.

It’s been a while since I’ve sculpted with clay, but maybe even 16-year-old-me (who sculpted the nude in the picture above) wants to share this message:  pick up some clay, start with what you got – the only limit IS your imagination. [Therefore, clay is not necessary.] Your imagination is the KEY to unlocking the door to limitless expansion, if you dare to harness the faith and the courage to see your vision through.

This is a very old sculpture of mine.

(Although the photo looks blurry, this orange-y color is the true color of the fired, yet unglazed clay.)