Nude Sculpture and Pisces Full Moon September 8th

Ka Malana ~ Regional Governor's School @1996It’s a full moon in Pisces on Monday and there’s a sense of aloofness to my energy these days. I want wrap myself in the energies of autumnal ART, as she guides me inward to my spiritual hearth. I am happily introverted, turned within to face my experiences, which seem to me to reach beyond any necessary words or the desire to write.

It’s been a while since I’ve sculpted with clay, but maybe even 16-year-old-me (who sculpted the nude in the picture above) wants to share this message:  pick up some clay, start with what you got – the only limit IS your imagination. [Therefore, clay is not necessary.] Your imagination is the KEY to unlocking the door to limitless expansion, if you dare to harness the faith and the courage to see your vision through.

This is a very old sculpture of mine.

(Although the photo looks blurry, this orange-y color is the true color of the fired, yet unglazed clay.)

17 thoughts on “Nude Sculpture and Pisces Full Moon September 8th

    1. Hi Linda,

      It’s nice to see you, too. Thank you for your compliment on my sculpture. My 16-year-old-self wants to sculpt but has a filled schedule at the moment. Pisces energy was moving through me regardless.

      Happy Full Moon of amazing grace – that’s how the day has felt.
      Love, Ka

    1. Thank you, Amanda.

      It’s been a nice moon, a super one in fact! We went out to look at the moon over the beach last night, and a wave of sea water embraced my phone (which luckily I recovered), our beach blanket, and my sleeping bag. I told my husband it wasn’t funny, but it really was… Maybe the ocean wanted to sculpt with the sand underneath us…

      Love and Art to you, my friend

      1. What a vision, sleeping bags on the ocean under the moon! We are soul sisters dear, I spent June’s moon this way, teaching my little cousins 3 and 9 to dance in the full moonlight on the ocean’s edge. Glad the phone was recovered and it sounds like it might have led to a good laugh later 🙂

        Hope all is going well with school 🙂

      2. We are!!!

        I just wrote a reply that seemed to go *poof* It disappeared. I’ll get back to studying, and then maybe I’ll have something else to say. 🙂

        I hope to visit you on or around Fairy Tale Friday. You always host something special. Maybe whatever energy I wanted to share with you will boomerang over there, who knows ~aloha ❤ I do appreciate your sharing about your little cousins.

  1. I ❤ your sculpture and your creative expression. I think that even touching or playing with clay is healing and pleasent, and just letting your hands guide you, the end result may surprise you. You could do this with the sand on the beach as well. Do you live by the ocean? You are so lucky 🙂 xox

    1. Your comment really touches me, because… well, we are talking about touching, and THANK YOU! I think about my clients in bodywork, and how I work with them a lot like I enjoyed working with clay. Also, now I am moving into different modalities and moving my “clay” body through space and time, again. We are living by the ocean, yes, and feeling fortunate. I know you are lucky, too, blessed in so many ways! xoxo Thank you for ‘seeing’ me in my creative work!! ❤

  2. I am loving your sculpture Ka.. and its wonderful to feel that creative flow.. I re-watched the video Ghost the other evening, for about the 10th time.. and Sculpture is something I have not done at all…
    I am enjoying working with my paints at the moment, and we get lost in the art of our creations.. I love this piece.. You have given us a great message here Ka.. for our imagination IS the KEY to everything.. We create via our imagery as we project our thoughts out into the Universe… Our intent behind that image gives it the power to transform those images, our Dreams into form..

    As an artist that creation process is happening within our visual gaze as our minds and body joins together with our hands to craft those dreams into being…
    May you always create and bring into your sphere your desires my friend..
    Lovely to catch up with you again after my absence..
    Love and Light
    Sue x

    1. Hi Sue!

      I’m happy to see you. I took a break, too. I was thinking of you around the time when you commented. I was at school and in between classes. I was actually not chatting with anyone, there was a pause, and I picked up my phone and saw your message.

      It really really warmed my heart to hear from you. You always seem to have great timing! Once, I remember you left me a message [that I checked] right before bed – Just when I needed a little rest. Then, I remember sleeping really well that night.

      This part you wrote is so true, “We create via our imagery as we project our thoughts out into the Universe…” It really is about the mind, body and spirit coming together. Thank you for your sweet wishes and for your friendship.

      Now that I am at home and I can type, I’m pausing to collect my thoughts. This video just came into my awareness from one of my chiropractor friends who practices in Pennsylvania. I wanted to share it.

      Will be visiting your blog very soon…
      Also, lovely to catch up with you, too.

      Love, Ka

      1. Loved your reply Ka.. and yes nothing is impossible. And Wow thank you for sharing the video of Paul Smiths art on the typewriter.. What a wonderful gentleman he is.. His art is amazing.. And puts those who say the word ‘Can’t’ to shame…
        Bless your heart.. Love Sue xxx

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