Gemini New Moon, May 28th PDT, 11:40am


Hello Dear Readers,

I’m looking at the chart for the New Moon in Gemini, PDT, San Diego, at 11:40am. Sun conjunct Moon at 7-8 degrees Gemini trine to Mars. Assertive energies are to be balanced, and with the trine are shown to flow quite easily around the New Moon.

We are asked to initiate from our deepest inspirations, and consider what kind of inventions (Uranus) and unique inspirations (Uranus in Aries) can we create and share to assist humanity. What structures can we create to help build bridges across the debris left in Pluto’s transit?

Retrograde Pluto is part of a kite formation (a triangle of 3 points with an extra point formed by two sextiles or 60 degree angles to a 4th point, in this case, Pluto is sitting on that 4th point). Pluto is sextile to Chiron and Saturn, asking for a little bit of harmonious work in terms of healing and stabilizing some of those soul wounds. Meanwhile, Saturn in Scorpio forms a grand trine with Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer – a continued reminder to keep sorting through those skeletons in your closet – there are many layers of shadow – including shadow puppets!

There’s no doubt to me that our greatest abundance of wound healing is taking place within the imprint of our families of the past (Jupiter in Cancer), and the history of our pain recorded in the water of our bodies. New moon square Neptune is further evidence to me of our on-going need to heal in our relationship to the spirit in water, our loss of faith and disillusionment with the world of form that holds the water.

The healing thought for this lunation is seeing a chasm in our lives (the abyss), and building a bridge over it in some practical way. Experience that the onward movement of Mars is initiation, and just keep going. You CAN find the bravery to continue crossing the chasm into unknown territory, and you will find the previously unexplored landscapes within.

Also, practicing bridge-building is evident to me in the completion/beginning of Venus’s visit at the last degree of Aries 29 – in this New Moon chart. Therefore, Venus has reached a completion point in Aries, and shall begin at Taurus 1. Venus and the North Node in Libra continue to guide us on our illuminated journeys, while lighting the way.

Interestingly Venus is sextile to Mercury, also finishing up a completion point in Gemini at 29 degrees – while forming an applying square aspect to Mars. Mercury is a little bit busy in the dream world, but with its trine to Neptune, it’s certainly doing its work in blurring boundaries, and bringing spiritual nuance to communications and miscommunications – all of it is part of the bridge-crossing.


Written by Ka Malana ©2014