New Moon in Gemini, June 8, 2013


Every new moon is an opportunity to start something new, or sow a “seed” and see if it germinates. At this time it is perfectly natural to become more silent and inwardly reflective. This new moon in Gemini (the sign of communication, the mind, and the twins) points to the inherent duality of nature. How the mind perceives is in twos, ‘good and bad’, ‘right and wrong,’ ‘left and right,’ ‘yes and no’… etc.  Every new moon in Gemini offers us a new imprint on our mental consciousness, giving a chance to edit and even re-write how we perceive and communicate what we perceive. It is entire possible to make shifts in our thinking or communication at this time.

The sabian symbol for this lunation is “Chinese men talking Chinese.”

Perhaps at this new moon, taken with all the “new” energy of the recent eclipse series, we find ourselves reaching out and finding again those who are “like-minded,” and become more desirous to speak with those who understand our personal language (and sometimes this is a cultural history) and/or making us more comfortable sharing conversations with people who are “on the same page” mentally. 

The new moon is trine the asteroid Juno (also known as the spouse or Hera in astrology). This is an easy aspect, allowing for the smooth flow of energies from the new moon (conjunct sun) to Juno in Aquarius (inventiveness, uniqueness, unpredictability, freedom-loving). What is being supported now is some level of non-attachment and/or “getting with” what’s true in the present moment about our relationships. Perhaps there is a need to establish boundaries by summoning your personal authority in a creative and previously unattempted way.

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