10 thoughts on “We Are Not Bloggers

      1. that post you reblogged is so moving . I don’t really know the woman who was referenced in the post, but my heart was filled with the love of her community. We Aquarians get it 😉

      2. i realized so quickly that what is happening here is so much bigger than me making some awesome friends. I simply tapped into this oceanic vortex of love and community that continues to grow in momentum, Never seen anything like this before, maybe because the TIME IS NOW..

        feel better xx

      3. Whooo Hooo! Cheers to that! Also, check out my blog at tiredofgluten.wordpress.com It’s basically my “update” on how/if/when I AM recovering, and information about some stuff I learned along the way, and who knows what else right now. Even if you eat gluten you can still be my friend 🙂 No pressure. Life is a beautiful, changing experiment for which I know you are already well-aware. ~Blessings, Ka

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