May 14, 2014 Full Moon in Scorpio: Keywords


The following interpretation is for PDT (San Diego), occurring at 12:16PM. The ascendant for the Full Moon lunation is at Leo 21 degrees, 24 minutes.

Full moon in Scorpio

Intensity, sexuality, partnership, shared resources, TRANSFORMATION

Cardinal Grand Cross: Cardinal signs and placements

Fire, Aries: Uranus conjunct Venus (enlightened, inspired relationship)

Water, Cancer: Jupiter (abundance at home with family, inner nourishment)

Air, Libra: Mars retrograde (internalized drive/urgency for unity, balance, negotiation)

Earth, Capricorn: Pluto retrograde (internalized shadow (Pluto) “face to the world” business/responsibility)

Grand Water Trine

Jupiter in Cancer (see above)

Chiron in Pisces (Collective unconsciousness wounds/healing)

Saturn conjunct Moon in Scorpio (restrictions, what holds us back, responsibilities, authority figures, repressed emotions, stable emotions)

Full Moon Sabian Symbol:

“Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one inspired man.”

Since the full moon is conjunct Saturn, the teacher, time itself, or “Chronos,” we are experiencing the closure or full-term of a cycle dealing with

Mother (Moon) / Father (Saturn) themes. As well as all of themes above. (as above, so below. as within, so without).

Have a happy day! Wishing everyone the best!

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