Interview ~ Screenwriter Director Shawn Tolleson

I’m really excited about this project and film, and to see what my friend Linda at Litebeing Chronicles is up to with her new interview series!

litebeing chronicles

I am introducing a new component to litebeing chronicles, the Interview Series. In this series, I will be interviewing people whose worldview and contributions align with those reflected in the blog.

If you would like to be interviewed , please contact me here: contact

My first subject is the incredibly talented and versatile screenwriter, actress, and director Shawn Tolleson. I was approached to blog about her upcoming project Saturn Returns. This film’s title speaks for itself: it is a story about what happens as you approach and navigate your first Saturn return. I am so excited to share my interview with you and spread the word about this fabulous upcoming film.

Since this is an Indie project, sufficient funding is crucial to getting the film completed. At the end of this piece, you will find out how you can support the film. Please reblog generously so all Astrology…

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5 thoughts on “Interview ~ Screenwriter Director Shawn Tolleson

  1. Thanks for the reblog Ka! It may seem a bit childish, but I was starstruck to be contacted by a movie producer to write about their film and then Skype with the screenwriter/director. It is so amazing how some enters into one’s orbit…

    So glad you are enthused about the project and my new series. Hopefully some new interviewees will materialize out of the ethers lol!

    xx Linda

    1. I think it’s a great project! I want to see it come to fruition. Also, as your friend, I can share in your delight 🙂 I agree that people may show up unexpectedly from the ethers, and we’ll all be the better for it! xo Ka

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