My Return to Art


The colors don’t look as vibrant as they do in person. I suppose I didn’t make any fuss over the presentation of my latest amalgamation of line and color. I used a touch of sea water. It’s like when you take a break from writing, and what comes out is a flow (or sputtering) of consciousness; it’s a start.  That’s where I’m at – after years of doing art – and then taking a short (or long) pause from it. I think my favorite style is “start with nothing in particular & end with nothing in particular.” I reserve the right to change my mind about that. Somehow, color happens and possibly a landscape is created, or what’s given are places for the imagination to roam.  What do you see?






9 thoughts on “My Return to Art

  1. wow, you are multi talented! It looks like what I se sometimes during meditation. especially the “eye”. I see eyes and a baby and waves and an hourglass and crab claws and a mermaid..

    Did you have fun? all that matters…

    xx lindalite

  2. Linda, I’m pretty impressed that you found a baby in there! I also have ‘the eye’ come up in my meditations. Thank you for taking a moment to tell me what you saw in it _/|\_

  3. inspiring!! i have been holding myself back when it comes to creating art in this way. i need to detach from the idea that it has to look a certain way, and just lose myself the process – fun, healing, cathartic. thank you for sharing your beautiful work! aleya

    1. dear aleya,

      YES, detachment is needed… and I notice it comes and goes in ebbs and flows, much like the way I was working on this piece by the water. I am happy with how it turned out – especially because of the process. In fact, one of the challenges with this type of art-making process is the “letting go” at the end… the finish. (actually, that’s the same for all styles of artistic renderings) Anyways, FUN, HEALING, and CATHARTIC – you nailed it! Liberate yourself from it all…. and find out if anything even wants to come out – without judgement. YIKES, it’s a challenge! Thank you for appreciating that, and for stopping by and commenting. ❤ Ka May all being be happy and free from suffering _/1\_ aloha

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