Full Moon in Capricorn: Concrete results, discipline, errors



Moon loosely conjunct Pluto ~8 degree orb

Sun loosely conjunct Jupiter ~9 degree orb

Jupiter @ 29 degrees Cancer and about to ingress (enter) Leo.

Active grand cross in Cardinal signs


My contemplation lately, my personal journal, and my astrological reading for the ‘Full Moon’ in Capricorn has been centered around this idea of “discipline.”

What is discipline other than to “show up” for what you signed up for? Stick-to-it-iveness. I mean to be really ‘present’ with your goals, devoted. I’m sure this thought of mine evokes some of your own thoughts. I do hope you will share them below.

I think discipline is also based on the word “disciple.” One acts as a devotee to something, even if nothing but to the process itself – the inner development. In other words, I think of discipline as being devoted to the process of self-development, relationship development, and/or community development. I’m sure I left out some other possible scenarios.

Often a disciple is devoted to God, Spirit, whatever source a person chooses to recognize as the provider of all there is. I’ve seen references to Self with a capital ‘S,’ to set it apart from the ephemeral-natured self of persona/ego. I’ve also seen people choose to be atheist while offering their services to humanity with the deepest respect and reverence for life.

Interestingly, this particular full moon is known to many Hindus and Buddhists as Guru Purnima, the full moon of Guru. It is a time to honor the removers of ignorance, the teachers. Historically it was a celebration for Guru Vyasa, writer of the Vedas, the 4 sacred Indian texts. It is the idea that it is the Guru’s job to bring us to God. That is, the guru (teacher) removes the obstacles from recognizing God, and/or obstacles along the path to Buddha/Bodhisattva/Enlightenment.

In popular American culture, Gurus of certain things are experienced persons that help people get past the “entry stage” or newbie-hood of a particular Tao/Dao Way or ArtScience. Say, it’s the Love Guru!

You can also work on the development of other internal/externals: your garden, your art, the health of your animals, building your dream house, writing your book, building your audience. What are you currently developing?

Really, there’s no limit to potential options – unless you make one. Which is where Saturn comes in – the ruler of Capricorn. Limiter of all things: Chronos, time. Slicing the pie into bite-size pieces. The astrological pie is made up of approximately 2 hours per astrological slice/sign, or 30 degrees!

When is setting limits a good idea? ……It can create more choice.

I feel like people have a lot of opinions about discipline and responsibility. I find that beliefs and values around religion and spirituality are also cultural values expressed around the ideas of responsibility. Often people say “I can’t” based on perceived or real obligations and limiting factors. But what about the limiters that you can choose that result in more choice for you?

Time is the natural limiter

We only have so many resources, a certain amount of time. What do you want to do with your piece of the pie? What if you chose to sell it so you could raise the funds to make more pie and offer it to more people? There’s no judgment here, it’s just a metaphor, and I’m just curious. Please tell me. Some would give away their pie, and then the pie would be eaten, and enjoyed by another. Some would eat their own pie, joyfully. Why not? Some people don’t even like pie, and would rather see no one eat it. Maybe others could trade pies – in a scenario where that was possible of course! What scenarios have I missed?

You get the point, we all get the choice of what to do with our lives; and, it’s probably a good idea not to choose for others what they ought to do with theirs. But, how about providing choice? Capricorn is known as the sign of “business,” and a certain doggedness, a loyalty is evident with this sign. Capricorn wants to see concrete results. Think of the very visible rings on Saturn – the planet that rules Capricorn.

Thoughts about Failure

How well am I performing? If I’m trying as hard as ever, and I’m still not getting results, what do I have to change or modify? Usually, this is when we may or may not realize we reached our very non-specific goals. We were successful at being vague!

It’s having specific goals that brings up the possibility for failure.

Making certain, definite goals is actually quite terrifying because it always means that failure lurks. But why should failure lurk? Even failure is information, and a possible chance at success once unpacked and understood.

Allow me to illustrate: in an attempt to save my draft as a draft and not to publish my post immediately, I ended up setting up a password. The thing I didn’t realize is that a “password protected” post would get published. But, I’m glad that I didn’t publish it outright, because I wasn’t ready. Whoops! I’m not actually trying to limit people from reading my posts! Ever since Mercury went retrograde and then stationed direct but is still in retrograde shadow, well, I have been trying new things. They don’t always work out! But, in the end, I’m just glad that I made it to the writing table.


5 thoughts on “Full Moon in Capricorn: Concrete results, discipline, errors

  1. Great job! As I read your take on discipline and responsibility, I considered that I usually just conjure up my associations with these words, and not their purer meanings. As an Aquarius rising, responsibility and structure usually freak me out. And people don’t typically think of me when the word discipline is used 🙂

    But as I age and more and more of my planets progress into Cap, joining my Jupiter and Saturn natally, I have become much more responsible and somewhat disciplined. I prefer organized to structure and with my Leo ruler, I can be a fixed organizer ( especially the fixed part, tehe)

    I look forward to more levity at some point this year. but figure that may kick in when Jupiter settles into Leo.

    xx Linda

    1. Thank you, Linda! I appreciate your sharing a bit of your experience in terms of how Saturnian ‘responsibility and structure’ operates in your life, and/or… how your life operates in lieu of it, and over time. 🙂

      There’s lots we can appreciate from Saturn, after-all: Commitment, seriousness, resolution. There’s also gallows humor, that’s sort of Saturnian, too 😉 We must remember that Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius!

      How awesome that you read my post despite those chilly words, “discipline, responsibility, concrete…” I was actually surprised to find myself writing this post – even though it’s been a focal point, and will likely continue to be a theme in my life with my 7th house Saturn ensuring it. Therefore, I’d like to continue making friends with the energies.

      Let’s see here…Jupiter in Leo… ah, the fun in the sun sign- Leo, my natal Sun, looking forward to the levity and exuberance right along with you…

      ~xo KA

  2. Thank you for this Ka… I am currently developing my art and picked up the paint brushes again yesterday after 2 weeks of suspension.. 🙂 Loved reading this post and knowing I am not the only one who made the password protect mistake.. I was going though some old posts years ago that I had made private and was thinking I could allow a friend to view one to read.. little knowing that when I password protected it it sent out an email when I pressed update to all my mailing lists which resulted in many saying they couldn’t get to view my post.. 😉 lol So I scrapped that idea.. LOL..
    Now I need the discipline to pick up the paint brush more and not log into the WP as often 🙂

    Enjoy your week.. Love Sue

  3. this moon had a huge effect on me! and there are some big changes coming my way, which will certainly involve discipline and being more….hm let’s say frugal. saturn is definitely keeping an eye on me! i’ve always had a really hard time with discipline, structure, and goal-setting but it feels like these things are very necessary to lead me into the life of freedom and creativity i am seeking! thank you KA ❤ aleya

    1. Aloha Aleya, as I too relate to your comments here, I often look for inspiration and just listening to Napoleon Hill’s Laws of Success last night while falling asleep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EQWhQt9OQo really stimulates my awareness of my need to consistently cultivate a definite purpose in obtaining full clarity of mind. I do believe that freedom and creativity is a gift that we can also “pray” and pray for through our actions, thoughts, intentions. We are on the same road, sister! ❤ much love, KA

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