Navratri: Celebrations for the Goddess

Divine heavenly mother, I call your return into consciousness.

Illuminate my body so all that I touch, breathe, and radiate is your love.

Bring your light into my body so that beauty grows wherever I go and kindness fills the

hearts of myself and others in the warmth of your full awareness.


and so it is, and so it is

Navaratri - Nine Nights Celebrating the Goddess

I was moved by a recent post by my blogging friend Julianne Victoria where she wrote a wonderful description of Navratri, and included a gorgeous invocation. You can visit her blog here:  Navaratri – Nine Nights Celebrating the Goddess.

From Amandaseesdreams at Dreamrly., I was inspired to include a prayer I wrote from my journal back in 2009, underneath the weeping willow tree at the Little Lehigh Park in Pennsylvania.

Finally, I’m not sure who painted this image of Kuan Yin above. This is familiar artwork to me; as, I began seeing this artist in 2010. Does anyone know? Both of the images above have different signatures, although the smaller one looks like it might be the original signature. Such is the way with the new age of the internet…

The artist is appreciated even when unknown, for her works are evident everywhere.

Blessed be to you, the divine in us all

as Shiva dances with Shakti…

21 thoughts on “Navratri: Celebrations for the Goddess

  1. Hey sweetie,
    Just learned about this celebration on Julie’s blog. While I am fond of Hinduism, my understanding of it is limited. The artwork here is exquisite and your poetry so inspired 🙂
    So much is happening this season, despite ( or along with ) the Mercury retro cycle upon us.
    Here’s to all goddesses everywhere and the gods that keep them true to their best nature.

    love and Namaste,

    1. Hi Linda,

      Yes, lots of activity this autumn. Mercury retrograde and all… I misplaced my trusty ephemeris – there’s one online, too, but I liked that one… It’ll turn up (Maybe after Merc stations direct) or when I look again.


  2. Namaste sister, the bottom image is Green Tara, I have used this image for my Reiki program for years and finally found the artist. It is a reproduction of images found in caves in China. ‘Green Tara’ by Zeng Hao. (Dun Huang Art Studio). I hope this helps. (Both images are by this artist based on what I have found. )

  3. beautiful poem dear Ka.. especially loved this line ” Illuminate my body so all that I touch, breathe, and radiate is your love.”.. lovely… loved also the artwork you have shared also.. And I am behind again with Julie’s blog also… 🙂 Many thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  4. Thanks for this beautiful reblog post with nurturing words and illuminating art. And thanks for spotlighting the lovely Amanda, whose presence has been in my thoughts the past few days. Hope she is living life harmoniously, creatively, and in peace.

    I wish that for all inhabitants of the UNi-verse.

    ❤ Linda

  5. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    What a beautiful post, Ka. I am left feeling very peaceful, with a heart full of love. Thank you. 🙂 ❤

  6. Even on the second time reading Ka.. it is still a beautiful prayer.. We need to call upon the Sacred Feminine to bring forth Love and Compassion..
    Love and Light to you my friend and thank you for this .. ❤ Sue

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