Saint Francis and World Animal Day: Julianne Victoria

Saint Francis and World Animal Day.

Dear Friends,

Please click on the link above and visit Julianne Victoria, for those of you who don’t already know her 🙂  She was the first person to have given me an award as a blogger; and, at the time, I was much too shy to receive an award – as I wasn’t sure I knew what it meant. I know what it meant now, coming from her. I’ve never really been interested in awards. I just want to do a good job at being myself. At the time, I had much on my plate. In fact, I still do have a lot on my plate which makes it ever more important to me to acknowledge those who have really touched me and made me feel recognized. THANK YOU!

I asked my heart, what can I do to honor Julianne Victoria as one of my first WordPress friends, because I didn’t realize that I never followed up with her acknowledgement, either that or I am extremely slow to respond. (January 2014). This post that I re-blogged feels like the essence of what Julie is about.

Thank you, Julie, and please forgive me,

Love Ka xoxo

P.S. Here’s the post she gave me the award on

6 thoughts on “Saint Francis and World Animal Day: Julianne Victoria

      1. Wow for her! I had only looked at her Vedic chart because I was curious if she had Kal Sarpa Yoga because of her dramatic life change. She doesn’t, but I’m thinking of doing an astrological study on her now.

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