Refracted Venice Love

I almost missed them too!


Venice bounces light and love into beautiful soft distortions, from it’s crumbling creamy plaster to its curvy colourful glass. Nothing looks quite the same in Venetian light, and reality and dreams merge into surreal and beautiful forms. These moments are fleeting, drifting into reality for mere moments, to take our breath away, before floating away like balloons on a summer breeze.

It’s so easy to miss these beautiful moments, distracted by our busy minds planning the perfect future. Yet if we pause, holding ourselves still for just a fraction of time, we might catch the beauty hovering at the edges of our awareness. The refracted light, the drifting shadows, never again to be repeated in just that form. The gifts of the present, held on slender threads, in celebration of this beautiful light filled world we live in.

I love the trick of these Venetian glass balloons, drifting skywards past…

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