Clearing Blocks that limit Abundance

I personally don’t speak light language. In fact, I have no idea how to understand it in terms of my rational mind. There is, however, some kind of rational bi-passing mechanism that moves through, and brings grace into one’s life. Though this process may seem ‘unbelievable’ and even appear to be packaged in a ‘strange’ modality, it can turn into tangible results – leading to tremendous healing. Truly, there is life beyond on some dimensional level, we are not alone.

Judy Satori has a truly beautiful heart, and shares so much love with us through her channeled light-language.  If this resonates with you, and if you’ve been asking yourself about moving beyond limitations to finding abundance, go ahead and listen as Judy advises.

I’ve received more than one question about this recently as I have had some friends and clients who are undergoing some of the most profound experiences at this time. Ultimately, to me, abundance boils down to the capacity to hold and MOVE energy in a dynamic and healthy way. Life can be intense and focus is essential. Keep your mind on the highest intention as a servant leader in the realms within where you attract and exist.

We are all in this journey together on one level or another. Let us move through it with all the energy of the universe supporting us at this time.

Clearing Blocks that Limit Abundance

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