A Walk with Kabir: The past, the present, and the unwritten

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“The flute of interior time is played whether we hear it or not,

What we mean by “love” is its sound coming in.

When love hits the farthest edge of excess, it reaches a wisdom.

And the fragrance of that knowledge!

It penetrates our thick bodies,

It goes through walls –

Its network of notes has a structure as if a million suns were arranged inside.

This tune has truth in it.

Where else have you heard a sound like this?”  ~Kabir

Everything is all about music to me, especially these days. I attended a Woman’s drum circle this past weekend. My re-built drum did not accompany me – because the ‘new’ skin broke off literally 2 days after I got it back. Needless to say, I re-lived its first destruction (at least a little bit). This Mercury retrograde has been, by far, my “most retro-grade” Mercury experience to date.

I’m quite the skeptical astrologer – always have been. I aim to check any self-fulfilling prophecies at the doorway of my experience. I want to be sure that I am present to what life is presenting to me – and not just what I want to create/imagine consciously, or unconsciously. I’m sure that the majority of us keep that spirit in our readings. Easier said then done, and quite difficult to explain –but maintaining openness to the reality unfolding naturally, nevertheless is/and has been, my intention.

One of my favorite anime series highlights this aspect of divination that was ‘taught’ to me by a little character named Hitomi and her counterpart, Von. If you want to read more about it. You can here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Vision_of_Escaflowne I will say, though, that I think just reading about it won’t take you on the journey. I think you might have to take the journey with the characters in order to understand what I mean.

The series is an excellent lesson about fear, and what it means to overcome fear. It’s also about relationships and pride. Personally, I did not care much for the movie version of Escaflowne at the time when I saw it many years ago. However, the series, upon some years of reflection – has been a teacher to me. In fact, you have to watch it all up to the end to really understand ‘the investment’ involved in the journey – you need to identify with the characters in order to be released of them as you let go of the story at its own, natural end.

~Perhaps we need not be too quick to separate from the past; after all we realize that the past has its own natural time for departure. All we can do, is support the great passage, and the message of Love. As the Spirit moves us…

UPDATE: My drum is done! This time it has a little hook where I can keep my wedding rings 🙂  and a peace sign was added.  Yay!!

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